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Google Cloud Speech API: A Step Forward for Voice Activation
Ariella Brown  
4/26/2016   155 comments
In the cloud, everything can access your speech.
Securely Yours: Voice Biometric Authentication Gains Traction
Ariella Brown  
5/17/2016   114 comments
Service providers like TalkTalk adopt voice biometric authentication to more secure customers in a user-friendly, simpler format.
Rethinking Data Center Security
Tim Kridel  
1/21/2016   71 comments
For hackers, data centers are the place to be because they hold an organization's crown jewels.
Telefónica Puts NFV to the Test
Elizabeth Miller Coyne  
3/27/2015   63 comments
Global service provider Telefónica recently partnered with several vendors to put NFV to the test. Its goal was to demonstrate it could meet performance demands without significant customization, commitment to proprietary solutions or long and expensive deployment.
Friday Top 10: Car Apps
Elizabeth Miller Coyne  
8/28/2015   62 comments
The Top 10 Apps for Car Owners, according to Southside Motor Factors.
Data Breaches: The New Normal?
Ariella Brown  
10/21/2015   61 comments
Hacking is so common that even major ones may be filed under the 'hack du jour,' but what's the answer – laws and stronger penalties, threat-intelligence sharing or sharing responsibility across the business, all the way to the top?<
Virtual Newsbites: Virtualization Pros Head to Austin
Alison Diana  
5/20/2016   60 comments
Virtualization experts will converge in Austin, Texas, next week at the Big Communications Event.
The Time Has Come for Business Cases
Mark Cummings  
4/25/2016   55 comments
Forget use cases. To prove the validity of silo solutions, telcos must generate proven business cases.
Caption Contest: Name That Toon & Win
Alison Diana  
4/22/2016   53 comments
Caption this cartoon and you could win an Amazon gift card worth $75, $50 or $25!
Chip in a Box
Elizabeth Miller Coyne  
11/20/2015   52 comments
At Light Reading's White Box Strategies for CSPs event, a chip in a box was like a movie star on the red carpet.
CenturyLink's Three Tenets of Transformation
Elizabeth Miller Coyne  
6/25/2015   50 comments
At Light Reading's Big Telecom Event, Jared Wray, CenturyLink, talked about the need for automation programmability and accessibility to support a New IP way of doing business.
Connected Cars, Data & the Cloud
Ariella Brown  
11/30/2015   50 comments
Thanks to the combination of connected cars, analytic engines and the cloud, real-time data and real-time solutions are now possible.
Collaboration Innovation
Carol Wilson  
11/24/2014   49 comments
Collaboration has long been the hallmark of the telecom industry, and that core principle isn't changing in The New IP. But the type of collaboration that this major network shift is creating does seem to be new, and it is coming largely from the operator community.
How to Secure the New IP
Alison Diana  
3/9/2016   48 comments
Service providers focus on protecting big data, cloud, and
2016: 6 New IP Predictions
Ariella Brown  
1/19/2016   47 comments
Sarah Lahav, CEO of SysAid Technologies, offers up six predictions on what we can expect to see in 2016 for New IP technologies and more.
Bandwidth: A Smart City's River
William Terdoslavich  
5/18/2016   46 comments
By bringing business solutions to urban areas, service providers can boost investment in the growing smart cities arena.
What Service Providers Can Learn from Google Smart Home
Kevin Meagher  
5/23/2016   45 comments
IoT provides a great opportunity for service providers to reinvent business models rather than remodel them.
The Top 6 M2M Predictions for 2016
Andrew Morawski  
11/24/2015   44 comments
Andrew Morawski, head of M2M for the Americas at Vodafone, reveals his predictions for IoT and M2M in 2016.
Poll: Cloud Security #1 Enterprise Challenge
Elizabeth Miller Coyne  
11/4/2014   44 comments
In the world of The New IP, enterprises today rely on the cloud more and more to run their businesses, but security and performance are key challenges.
Poll: 2015's Biggest Challenge Was Money & Interop
Elizabeth Miller Coyne  
1/22/2016   44 comments
New IP readers said business models and interoperability were the biggest challenges of 2015.
AT&T Tackles IoT Security
Carol Wilson  
2/23/2016   41 comments
AT&T is warning that businesses are rushing to embrace IoT without a clear plan for cyber security.
Is a CDN Model the Key to the New IP?
Tom Nolle  
3/14/2016   41 comments
We need a way to link OTT services to networks so operators can differentiate themselves technically without spending all their time in court. Then we can fund the New IP and gain insight into complementary services.
Timing the New IP
Elizabeth Miller Coyne  
3/9/2015   40 comments
Today is the day that Apple fans have been waiting for -- launch day for the Apple Watch.
3 Keys to Running a Data Center As a Business
Oliver Lindner  
1/28/2016   37 comments
The New IP era requires new ways of thinking for enterprise IT operations -- one that includes improving data center operations and running it as a business.
Virtual Newsbites: European Service Providers Boost Services
Alison Diana  
6/10/2016   37 comments
A roundup of service provider and virtualization news of the week.
Birch CEO: How to Build a Business
Alison Diana  
4/28/2016   36 comments
As President and CEO of Birch Communications, Vincent Oddo has overseen the once regional telecommunications service provider's growth into a North American player.
Which NFV Vendors Are King of the New IP Hill?
Tom Nolle  
12/14/2015   36 comments
An NFV implementation can come from a single vendor or a well-integrated community or partnership, but whatever the source it must hit all the transformation sweet spots.
The iWatch, SDN, and NFV
Tom Nolle  
9/15/2014   36 comments
How do you retain a trivial interface while creating a very useful service? It's all about context.
A Different View of IoT
Tom Nolle  
1/9/2015   35 comments
IoT isn’t about the Internet, it’s about big data.
Virtual Reality Newsbites
Elizabeth Miller Coyne  
11/6/2015   33 comments
The New IP's weekly roundup of New IP newsworthy items.
Virtual Newsbites: SDN, NFV in the Headlines
Alison Diana  
4/29/2016   33 comments
As the battle over LPWA grew contentious, Verizon and partners took their NFV OpenStack cloud deployment to a higher level.
Virtual Newsbites: Happy IoT Day
Alison Diana  
4/8/2016   32 comments
This Saturday marks the fourth-annual Internet of Things Day. Now you know.
Unlimited Data Plans Prepare Service Provider Networks for the New IP
Uri Gurevitz  
3/15/2016   32 comments
As service providers consider how to support customers' changing needs, several are returning to unlimited data plans. And that's a good idea.
Generation Cloud & the Mighty Thumb
Ari Vänttinen  
6/29/2015   32 comments
Consumers have digital and communications services providers under their thumbs – quite literally. Today, mobile is the preferred platform for communications, commerce and productivity, and it drives the fortunes and failures of businesses in all industries, especially telecommunications.
HPE & Microsoft: Teaming Up for Cloud Wars
Ariella Brown  
12/7/2015   31 comments
After scrapping its own public cloud service, Hewlett Packard Enterprise instead is using Microsoft Azure for offering public cloud.
Box Zones: Clouds Across the Globe
Ariella Brown  
6/10/2016   31 comments
Box Zones enable businesses -- including medical and financial services firms -- in Europe or Asia to use cloud services while maintaining the security standards set by their own countries and more local data centers.
New IP & Data Center Transformation
Elizabeth Miller Coyne  
9/23/2015   31 comments
As service providers move into the New IP world, they want the benefits of an agile, flexible, efficient network to extend all the way into the telco data center.
Rita Marty: Securing the AT&T Network
Alison Diana  
4/20/2016   31 comments
As executive director in AT&T's Chief Security Office, Rita Marty is charged with protecting the carrier's mobility, security and cloud assets and customers.
New IP Impacts Router/Switch Market
Elizabeth Miller Coyne  
4/21/2015   30 comments
The service provider router and switch market for 2014 was "flat" over 2013, and is showing signs of hesitation in spending due to the uncertainty around SDN and NFV.
Vodafone Reveals Trends Impacting Businesses
Elizabeth Miller Coyne  
4/22/2015   30 comments
Vodafone reveals how they help their enterprise customers face today's market challenges, from cyber security, to IT, to talent, to global crisis and more.
Cisco's Cloudy Forecast
Ariella Brown  
10/30/2015   30 comments
Cisco's fifth annual Global Cloud Index forecasts a huge surge in cloud service usage.
The FTC & Regulating IoT
Joe Stanganelli  
2/26/2015   30 comments
The US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) snagged the attention of tech news headlines last month when it released a staff report on the agency's thoughts and recommendations regarding the future of the Internet of Things.
NFV Helps Boost Wireless
Anita Karvé  
1/30/2015   29 comments
Service providers are constantly on the lookout for that next big thing to drive new revenue streams and capture and retain customers, and for many, wireless services are a big part of their future strategy.
Making Security Fundamental
Carol Wilson  
2/27/2015   29 comments
In the New IP realm, security becomes everyone's job and must be baked into each new technology and service from the outset.
NTT Revs Up Honda Supply Chain
Carol Wilson  
9/24/2014   29 comments
Using the SDN-based network that connects its global cloud data centers, NTT shows Honda how to dramatically improve its supplier network performance.
Device Fingerprints: The Secret to IoT Security?
Alison Diana  
3/29/2016   29 comments
Georgia Tech researchers use devices' unique electronic fingerprints to figure out which are legitimate and which may come from potentially malicious sources. Initially designed for networked industrial systems, this solution could be adapted for IoT.
New IoT Clouds on German Horizon
Ariella Brown  
4/4/2016   29 comments
By housing data centers in Germany and specializing in Industry 4.0, Bosch plans to lead its homeland's IoT revolution.
Does Talking About Security Make You Nervous?
Carol Wilson  
10/3/2014   28 comments
The New IP is going to require a new approach to security and the time to talk about that is now.
The M2M & IoT Tipping Point
Elizabeth Miller Coyne  
8/13/2015   28 comments
With nearly every element of a manufacturing plant, business process or system being connected to the network, IoT is heading towards a tipping point.
Cloud & Telecom: Merging Like a Zipper
Elizabeth Miller Coyne  
9/26/2014   28 comments
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