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In the Clouds: New Services for NFV & SDN
Tom Nolle  
6/23/2015   28 comments
Service providers will have to push intra-cloud bits to realize the New IP opportunity -- and they can't dodge the need to become cloud players any longer.
Securing the IoT Frontier
Ariella Brown  
9/24/2015   28 comments
The opportunities of IoT extend not just to those capitalizing on the connections, but to those reinventing themselves and providing security solutions for the New IP world.
Verizon + AOL + IoT = $$$
Elizabeth Miller Coyne  
5/12/2015   27 comments
The powerful combination of IoT plus digital media and advertising could mean big bucks for the service provider.
Verizon Dubs Virtualization Exhilarating, Exciting & Terrifying
Elizabeth Miller Coyne  
9/16/2015   27 comments
In an NFV Everywhere keynote, Shawn Hakl of Verizon Enterprise Solutions summed up the New IP transformation: exhilarating, exciting and terrifying.
Virtual Reality Newsbites: See You in Court
Alison Diana  
3/4/2016   27 comments
Verizon and AT&T joined industry heavyweights voicing support for Apple in its battle with the FBI.
AlcaLu Execs to Lead New IP at Nokia
Iain Morris  
10/7/2015   27 comments
Alcatel-Lucent's New IP experts will have critical leadership roles to play in Nokia once the two companies have combined.
Buying & Selling in the New IP: What's Different?
Elizabeth Miller Coyne  
4/20/2015   26 comments
In the New IP, the communications vendor landscape is changing – and fast – as software-defined networking shifts the traditional buying models used by many service providers.
Poll: The New IP Is About the Money
Elizabeth Miller Coyne  
9/23/2014   26 comments
A recent poll of readers on The New IP shows 33.33% say the shift to virtualized networks and operations is "all about the money."
Is Facebook Your New BFF?
Carol Wilson  
2/24/2016   26 comments
Serial MWC keynoter Mark Zuckerberg wooed prospective and existing partners during his turns at the microphone.
Getting to 5G
Ariella Brown  
7/14/2015   25 comments
What forces will influence the manifestation of 5G and how long it will take to really arrive?
New IP Drivers: Who's Switched on Most?
Elizabeth Miller Coyne  
10/26/2015   25 comments
An increasingly social, mobile, analytics- and cloud-based global economy is driving demand for New IP architecture.
Outer Space IoT
Joe Stanganelli  
5/4/2015   24 comments
Service providers have long been struggling with broadening Internet of Things enablement and accessibility. New, extraterrestrial innovations may soon make things easier.
What's Your IP Evolution Plan?
Gary Knee  
10/28/2014   24 comments
Today’s rural networks contain a blend of legacy equipment alongside softswitches, high-capacity optical rings complex routers and gateways. With such a blend, planning the evolution of the network in a cost effective manner that meets the growing expectations of customers has become a significant challenge.
What's Really Worth Scoring?
Carol Wilson  
1/26/2016   24 comments
If you are tracking which operator joins which open source group, stop. Look instead at what those operators are trying to transform.
Is Big Data Dead?
Matthew Roberts  
12/23/2015   24 comments
Big data has passed the top of the hype cycle. And that's actually a good thing, because although "big data" the buzzword may be dead, big data analytics in the real world is getting ready to roll up its sleeves.
Top 5 Business Benefits of SDN & NFV
John Isch  
5/3/2016   23 comments
When combined, SDN and NFV promise to bring an unprecedented level of digital control to global IT networks, writes John Isch of Orange Business Services.
Virtual Newsbites: Virtualization Put to the Test
Alison Diana  
5/13/2016   23 comments
At the Big Communications Event, virtualization will get put to the (live) test -- and participants agree it's a good thing.
IPv4 vs. IPv6 in the New IP
Chris Grundemann  
3/6/2015   23 comments
We're effectively out of free IPv4 addresses. Four billion addresses seemed like enough when there were only a handful of computers on the network. Now that we expect to connect all 7.2 billion humans, we simply must move to IPv6 and its 340 trillion available addresses.
Video Streaming Reshapes IP Networks
Carol Wilson  
7/31/2015   22 comments
The shift away from traditional pay TV is gathering momentum and will speed up the pace at which the New IP must evolve.
Merger Talk & the New IP
Elizabeth Miller Coyne  
4/15/2015   22 comments
With Nokia announcing its bid for Alcatel-Lucent, long talked of predictions of New IP-related industry transformation and consolidation suddenly became very real.
The New IP Top 5
Elizabeth Miller Coyne  
11/26/2014   21 comments
NFV and SDN have been the hottest topics on The New IP over the last two months in addition to the trending issues of cyber security, the Internet of Things, enterprise cloud and industry collaboration.
Verizon's IoT State of the Market
Elizabeth Miller Coyne  
2/25/2015   21 comments
Enabling the Internet of Things is big part of the New IP. Service providers must build their networks today with the agility, scalability and flexibility to handle the IoT traffic of tomorrow.
Are US MSOs Ready to Jump-Start Virtualization?
Carol Wilson  
3/31/2015   21 comments
Cable operators are becoming more engaged in virtualization and could become leaders in early deployments.
AT&T Fights Google Fiber in Courts & Streets
Joe Stanganelli  
3/24/2016   21 comments
A Louisville, Ken., ordinance allowing Google to work on AT&T equipment in order to support new Google Fiber infrastructure lays the framework for an epic battle with national legal and political implications.
Virtual Reality Newsbites: Rules of the New IP Road
Alison Diana  
3/11/2016   21 comments
Government mandates can generate confusion -- and opportunity for service providers to respond to questions about cloud, privacy and NFV.
Peace, Love and OTT – a Cynic's View
Stephen Vogelsang  
1/23/2015   20 comments
Instead of worrying about the threat posed by some OTTs that offer competing services, the communications industry should be focused on enabling OTTs and their customers to more easily buy and consume IP broadband services.
5G & the IoT Factor
Ariella Brown  
7/22/2015   20 comments
The progression to 5G from 4G is different from the previous advance from 3G because that shift was all about speed and now it's all about connection on an unprecedented scale.
Shaping the New IP
Tom Nolle  
2/10/2015   20 comments
Internet; virtualizing everything; creating new services in minutes instead of months; substituting agile software and vast pools of server resources for traditional network hardware. But what does this New IP network look like and how can it benefit service providers?
Poll: SDN's Many Benefits
Elizabeth Miller Coyne  
6/26/2015   20 comments
SDN's benefits are wide reaching and include flexibility, cost savings, scalability, service innovation and support for the cloud, according to a recent poll on The New IP.
Group Analysis
Elizabeth Miller Coyne  
5/13/2015   19 comments
New research from Heavy Reading shows that the industry is struggling to cut through the standards groups noise -- falling in line with the industry pundits who say there are simply too many.
The New IP Breeds a New Brand of Data Center
Carol Wilson  
9/25/2014   19 comments
Cologix is a carrier-neutral data center company with facilities in colocation and interconnection points, riding the Tier 2 traffic boom.
Dialing for Service
Bryan Powell  
7/16/2015   19 comments
Nothing comes more naturally to young consumers than the click of their keyboard or the tap of a mobile app -- except when they contact customer service.
Channel Plays Key Role in the New IP
Alison Diana  
4/21/2016   19 comments
Brocade's channel partner survey shows many ways solution providers plan to create growth for themselves and their end-customers.
Service Providers Make 5G Advances Despite Lack of Standards
Tim Kridel  
5/26/2016   18 comments
Although standards are not yet finalized, service providers use unofficial versions of the technology and broad goals to begin 5G tests.
Building an Unbreakable Internet
Genius Wong  
9/3/2015   18 comments
Tata Communications asks if the Internet can ever be broken and are enterprise networks fit for purpose?
Inside Out: Migrating Mobile to the Cloud
Kevin Fitchard  
6/22/2015   18 comments
Software is eating the mobile network, but it's starting its meal in a very specific place. As wireless carriers embrace SDN and NFV, they're looking first to their mobile cores and moving outwards to their radio access networks.
Cyber Security: Share & Share Alike
Ariella Brown  
1/4/2016   18 comments
Increased access and sharing is generally considered a good thing when it comes to cyber security. But it can become a liability when an unauthorized user gains access to confidential information.
BTE: New IP Wake-Up Call
Dan O'Shea  
6/10/2015   18 comments
During her keynote at BTE, Christine Heckart of Brocade stressed the importance of building networks to be dynamic, rapidly scalable, open and automated.
Rural Telcos Not Convinced on Cloud
Carol Wilson  
8/4/2015   17 comments
Virtualization and moving to the cloud are not priorities for smaller companies more focused on survival and regulatory changes.
Setting the IoT Standards
Ariella Brown  
8/27/2015   17 comments
As security and standardization concerns around IoT rise, The Online Trust Alliance wants to set industry standards and best practices.
Eating the Internet of Things
Joe Stanganelli  
11/26/2014   17 comments
Forget wearables, ingestibles are the next wave of digital health monitors.
It's Time to 'Upskill U'
Elizabeth Miller Coyne  
4/12/2016   17 comments
Light Reading teamed up with Cisco to launch Upskill U, an online university aimed at educating the communications industry on the latest technology changes impacting their businesses.
Cyber Security: A Shared Responsibility
Elizabeth Miller Coyne  
10/2/2015   17 comments
The cost of cyber attacks to the world economy is $445 billion, says a new report from AT&T, yet CEOs and boards still are not engaged in protecting their businesses.
Poll: A White Box Future
Elizabeth Miller Coyne  
5/19/2015   17 comments
White boxes have been a long time coming, but they also can't replace purpose-built hardware, according to New IP readers who voted in our latest poll.
The New IP Cheat Sheet
Elizabeth Miller Coyne  
4/2/2015   17 comments
Understanding what the New IP is and isn't is a tricky business, especially when the industry is changing so quickly. The New IP pulled together a quick cheat sheet. It's the New IP "101" just for you.
Poll: Groceries Trump Smart Cars
Elizabeth Miller Coyne  
2/16/2015   17 comments
The New IP readers are a practical bunch when it comes to connected cars. In fact, 41% said they were wishful adopters of the technology and would love to know what their check engine light means, but paying for groceries is a higher priority.
Cyber Security: We're Doing It Wrong
Elizabeth Miller Coyne  
2/26/2015   17 comments
It turns out that today's approach to cyber security is profoundly wrong, but the good news is that it's not your fault. Instead, it's the fault of an old IP-type of mindset of protecting devices through design and layering on more protection.
New Survey Finds Security Tops IT Spending
Tim Kridel  
2/12/2016   17 comments
A new IDG and Datalink survey shows 70% of 100-plus IT executives and senior managers rank data security as their number 1 IT budget priority.
The Virtual Reality of Cybersecurity
Tim Kridel  
10/14/2015   17 comments
Virtualization is a double-edged sword, enabling additional attacks and also providing opportunities to thwart them.
Cyber Security = Job Security
Tim Kridel  
5/5/2016   16 comments
BT plans to add 900 cyber security pros to its global workforce this year -- and the service provider is not alone, as many others seek out these elusive experts.
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