Most Commented Content posted in February 2016
AT&T Tackles IoT Security
Carol Wilson  
2/23/2016   41 comments
AT&T is warning that businesses are rushing to embrace IoT without a clear plan for cyber security.
Is Facebook Your New BFF?
Carol Wilson  
2/24/2016   26 comments
Serial MWC keynoter Mark Zuckerberg wooed prospective and existing partners during his turns at the microphone.
New Survey Finds Security Tops IT Spending
Tim Kridel  
2/12/2016   17 comments
A new IDG and Datalink survey shows 70% of 100-plus IT executives and senior managers rank data security as their number 1 IT budget priority.
Virtual Reality Newsbites: The Calm Before the MWC Storm
Elizabeth Miller Coyne  
2/5/2016   12 comments
A weekly roundup of New IP news from around the globe.
Tom Nolle  
2/11/2016   9 comments
Because it takes a top-down approach to the idea of re-architecting the network, ONOS could ultimately play a very large role in how NFV and SDN are deployed.
Telco Operations: A Frog in the Frying Pan
Mark Cummings  
2/19/2016   9 comments
As telco technology, services and business structures have evolved rapidly, operations environments are facing challenges from siloed systems.
Virtual Reality Newsbites: 5G Trials & Open Source Drama
Elizabeth Miller Coyne  
2/12/2016   7 comments
A weekly wrap-up of New IP news from around the globe.
Super Bowl 50: New IP Tech Behind the Big Game
Elizabeth Miller Coyne  
2/4/2016   7 comments
Inside Levi's Stadium, home of Super Bowl 50, sits some serious New IP networking power built by Brocade and ready to take on the big game.
ODL Usage Breaks Out of Telco Boundaries
Elizabeth Miller Coyne  
2/25/2016   7 comments
New industry segments such as finance, entertainment and energy use ODL to solve a number of network challenges as SDN deployments rise.
Security Innovation & the Shifting Mindset
Ariella Brown  
2/8/2016   6 comments
The cloud is proving itself as a secure environment for business but the risks of IoT are only starting to come to light.
Data Download: Super Bowl Post-Game
Elizabeth Miller Coyne  
2/8/2016   6 comments
Super Bowl 50 is a poster child for the need for virtualized, agile New IP networks that can scale on demand.
People-First Attitude Key to Digital World Success
Ariella Brown  
2/18/2016   6 comments
Accenture's latest report, "People First: The Primacy of People in a Digital Age," says people's digital skills are essential and businesses that harness those skills will triumph.
Cybersecurity: The Next Hurdle for SDN & NFV to Overcome
Gal Ofel  
2/29/2016   6 comments
The similarity to IT networks that makes SDN and NFV networks advantageous for telcos also makes them vulnerable to the full range of cyber attacks that target IT networks.
Open Source & SDN: Five Degrees of Transformation
Jay Turner  
2/25/2016   5 comments
We can use open source projects' cooperation to transform the New IP, spreading adoption of SDN faster than proprietary systems.
Study: Mobile Operators Embracing New IP
Elizabeth Miller Coyne  
2/11/2016   5 comments
Almost half of mobile operators are embracing New IP technologies to improve flexibility in their network architecture, says Heavy Reading.
The Evolution of NFV
Kevin Shatzkamer  
2/10/2016   4 comments
Brocade CTO Mobile Networking shares his perspective on where NFV has been, where it is now, and where it is going.
Conversation Starter: SDO Collaboration
Mark Cummings  
2/1/2016   4 comments
In a showing of unprecedented SDO collaboration, industry experts came together in Louisville, Colo., to solve some of the current challenges of virtualization.
Mobile Operator Challenges
Kevin Shatzkamer  
2/3/2016   4 comments
Brocade's CTO of Mobile Networks outlines what he sees as the largest business, technology and operational challenges for mobile operators.
Rethinking Network Visibility & Analytics Architectures for the Third Platform
Mukund Srigopal  
2/17/2016   2 comments
With 5G there will be a foundational paradigm shift in network architecture to cloud, mobile, social and data services.
Virtual Reality Newsbites: Barcelona Calling
Elizabeth Miller Coyne  
2/19/2016   2 comments
A weekly wrap-up of New IP news from around the globe.
New IP Agency Kicks Off Phase 2 Testing
Elizabeth Miller Coyne  
2/4/2016   1 comment
The New IP Agency Phase 2 testing focuses on multivendor management and operations interoperability.

NFV Orchestration, Infrastructure and VNF
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CSP Attitudes Toward Digital Transformation: A Reality Check
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NFVi - VNF Interoperability Evaluation
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Service Chaining Interoperability Evaluation - Live NFV Interoperability Demo
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Andrew Dugan, acting Chief Technology Officer at Level 3, discusses the service provider's SDN success and plans for NFV.
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Dave Ward, Cisco's CTO of Engineering and Chief Architect, outlines his vision for the future of virtualization.
AT&T's Doug Nassaur discusses interoperability and virtualization during BCE 2016 in Austin.
Lynn Comp, senior director of market development for the Network Platforms Group for Intel, outlines her vision for the future of virtualization.
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