Most Commented Content posted in July 2015
Getting to 5G
Ariella Brown  
7/14/2015   25 comments
What forces will influence the manifestation of 5G and how long it will take to really arrive?
Video Streaming Reshapes IP Networks
Carol Wilson  
7/31/2015   22 comments
The shift away from traditional pay TV is gathering momentum and will speed up the pace at which the New IP must evolve.
5G & the IoT Factor
Ariella Brown  
7/22/2015   20 comments
The progression to 5G from 4G is different from the previous advance from 3G because that shift was all about speed and now it's all about connection on an unprecedented scale.
Dialing for Service
Bryan Powell  
7/16/2015   19 comments
Nothing comes more naturally to young consumers than the click of their keyboard or the tap of a mobile app -- except when they contact customer service.
NFV Doesn't Come Cheap
Elizabeth Miller Coyne  
7/1/2015   16 comments
As operators get closer to commercial deployment, the barriers to NFV and SDN are becoming more prominent, including cost. Speculation is growing that the move to virtualization could come with a hefty price tag.
'Fixing' NFV
Tom Nolle  
7/13/2015   13 comments
Light Reading's Big Telecom Event and the launch of the New IP Agency offered some pretty convincing proof that NFV needs a shot in the arm, or perhaps the wallet.
The Future of Carrier SDN Networks
Sterling Perrin  
7/20/2015   9 comments
Heavy Reading looks at the biggest challenges for SDN today.
Cyber Security Pointers From the Pros
Elizabeth Miller Coyne  
7/9/2015   9 comments
As three major network outages at the NYSE, United and the Wall Street Journal set the US on edge on Wednesday and questions about the possibility of a cyberattack swirled in the media, the importance of network protection once again hit the spotlight.
NTT: Commercializing NFV & SDN
Elizabeth Miller Coyne  
7/24/2015   9 comments
NTT Communications' Arcstar Universal One network allows traditional on-premise infrastructure, such as WAN optimization solutions and security solutions, to be provided from the service provider edge.
Virtual Mobile Core: Time to Get Real
Gabriel Brown  
7/17/2015   7 comments
Mobile operators feel an urgency to virtualize the EPC, and are exploring a variety of ways to move forward, on an ambitious timeframe.
M2M Barometer: ROI Rising
Elizabeth Miller Coyne  
7/27/2015   5 comments
M2M and IoT are already impacting businesses around the world when it comes to increasing efficiency and ROI, according to Vodafone's 2015 M2M Barometer.
NFV Deployment Ramps Up
Elizabeth Miller Coyne  
7/8/2015   5 comments
New research by IHS shows that 35% of operators surveyed will deploy NFV this year in an effort to virtualize networks, and all those surveyed plan to deploy the technology in the next five years.
Buying & Selling in the New IP: The Software Shift
Elizabeth Miller Coyne  
7/10/2015   4 comments
From a business perspective the New IP transformation is a move to a customer-centric era that introduces new business models and dynamics that share risk and reward between the customer and the vendor.
Masergy Casts Light on Divergent NFV Options
Carol Wilson  
7/6/2015   3 comments
Masergy's plans to deploy premises-based virtual router show how quickly the industry is embracing virtual CPE, and how diverse the approaches are to providing it.
Building Momentum for the New IP
Rosalyn Roseboro  
7/7/2015   3 comments
Survey says telcos see increased network flexibility and service agility as the primary benefits of the New IP.

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