Content posted in October 2015
Cisco's Cloudy Forecast
Ariella Brown  
10/30/2015   30 comments
Cisco's fifth annual Global Cloud Index forecasts a huge surge in cloud service usage.
New Business Models for the New IP
Carol Wilson  
10/26/2015   13 comments
Growth at the edge of content caching is creating a new opportunity for companies like ColoAtl.
New IP Drivers: Who's Switched on Most?
Elizabeth Miller Coyne  
10/26/2015   25 comments
An increasingly social, mobile, analytics- and cloud-based global economy is driving demand for New IP architecture.
Data Breaches: The New Normal?
Ariella Brown  
10/21/2015   61 comments
Hacking is so common that even major ones may be filed under the 'hack du jour,' but what's the answer – laws and stronger penalties, threat-intelligence sharing or sharing responsibility across the business, all the way to the top?<
The 'Carrier Grade' Question for the New IP Community
Ray Le Maistre  
10/19/2015   1 comment
What are operators to do while the developer and vendor community is attempting to make OpenStack 'carrier grade?'
Telco Cloud Management Market to Hit $7.65 Billion by 2025
Elizabeth Miller Coyne  
10/16/2015   2 comments
Appledore Research Group forecasts the telco cloud management market will hit $7.65 billion in 2025 thanks to the New IP transformation.
The Virtual Reality of Cybersecurity
Tim Kridel  
10/14/2015   17 comments
Virtualization is a double-edged sword, enabling additional attacks and also providing opportunities to thwart them.
Dell's EMC Buy All About New IP
Elizabeth Miller Coyne  
10/12/2015   12 comments
In acquiring EMC, Dell is hoping to address a market that is moving away from fixed hardware toward SDN and NFV.
SDN, NFV & Competitive Risk
Tom Nolle  
10/12/2015   6 comments
Both SDN and NFV promote competition in an official sense, but that won't stop vendors from trying to gain competitive advantage.
Under the Hood: Connected Car Hacks
Elizabeth Miller Coyne  
10/9/2015   15 comments
With automakers expecting 75% of cars to be connected to the Internet in the next six years, cyber security is key.
T-Mobile Lauds Importance of New IP
Sarah Thomas  
10/8/2015   6 comments
T-Mobile's VP of radio network engineering says the most important move on the road to 5G is transforming traditional telecom services to the New IP.
Top 10 Habits for CISO Success
Elizabeth Miller Coyne  
10/8/2015   7 comments
AT&T's Ed Amoroso says CISOs should be mischievous, defensive, always planning for invisible threats, driving awareness and displaying expertise in order to succeed.
AlcaLu Execs to Lead New IP at Nokia
Iain Morris  
10/7/2015   27 comments
Alcatel-Lucent's New IP experts will have critical leadership roles to play in Nokia once the two companies have combined.
Engaging the Customer in the New IP
Elizabeth Miller Coyne  
10/5/2015   9 comments
Before you get wrapped up in technology and acronyms remember that customer experience is ultimately at the center of the New IP.
Cyber Security: A Shared Responsibility
Elizabeth Miller Coyne  
10/2/2015   17 comments
The cost of cyber attacks to the world economy is $445 billion, says a new report from AT&T, yet CEOs and boards still are not engaged in protecting their businesses.

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