Content posted in March 2015
Are US MSOs Ready to Jump-Start Virtualization?
Carol Wilson  
3/31/2015   21 comments
Cable operators are becoming more engaged in virtualization and could become leaders in early deployments.
Telefónica Puts NFV to the Test
Elizabeth Miller Coyne  
3/27/2015   63 comments
Global service provider Telefónica recently partnered with several vendors to put NFV to the test. Its goal was to demonstrate it could meet performance demands without significant customization, commitment to proprietary solutions or long and expensive deployment.
The End-to-End NFV Challenge
Elizabeth Miller Coyne  
3/25/2015   6 comments
While NFV has had the communications industry abuzz for the last two years with its promises of capex and opex savings, challenges still loom large with the technology.
Poll: Impact! Virtualization!
Elizabeth Miller Coyne  
3/23/2015   7 comments
Where will virtualization impact the network first? The New IP readers report that it will be everywhere.
Conquering Complexity: Leveraging Intelligent Orchestration
Barry G. Hill  
3/23/2015   4 comments
Intelligent orchestration through a single orchestration framework or a series of orchestrators will be critical to bringing operational simplicity to the complicated mess of networks, systems, functions, services, orchestration and management technologies.
Vertical Agility & Scaling a Network for the Cloud
Stephen Vogelsang  
3/20/2015   9 comments
In the New IP, agility is essential to streamlining operations, speeding new services and allowing networks to adapt to the unpredictable and highly varied workloads created by cloud computing. But the real challenge is how to make the network more agile.
MWC: A CTO's Reflection
Kevin Shatzkamer  
3/17/2015   9 comments
Brocade's CTO reflects back on this year's Mobile World Congress and the noticeable themes both present and absent, including technology, business drivers and use-cases.
On the Evolution & Extinction of the vSwitch
Joe Stanganelli  
3/13/2015   5 comments
As service providers flock to virtualization and other New IP technologies, they are demanding more from virtualized environments. This has been troublesome due to performance and latency issues which have raised questions over the long-term survival of the vSwitch.
Rural Telcos Face New IP Challenges
Elizabeth Miller Coyne  
3/12/2015   8 comments
Service providers all face the same challenges when moving to the New IP no matter their size or location: increased competition, limited funds and the need to lower costs and increase revenue.
New Mobile in the New IP
Tom Nolle  
3/11/2015   7 comments
Mobile services are unquestionably the hot spot and the sweet spot of service provider networking. But what will the 'New IP' look like for the mobile space?
Timing the New IP
Elizabeth Miller Coyne  
3/9/2015   40 comments
Today is the day that Apple fans have been waiting for -- launch day for the Apple Watch.
IPv4 vs. IPv6 in the New IP
Chris Grundemann  
3/6/2015   23 comments
We're effectively out of free IPv4 addresses. Four billion addresses seemed like enough when there were only a handful of computers on the network. Now that we expect to connect all 7.2 billion humans, we simply must move to IPv6 and its 340 trillion available addresses.
Validation for the New IP
Elizabeth Miller Coyne  
3/5/2015   6 comments
Service providers today have more questions than answers when it comes the New IP with the biggest one being "How?" How can I build a flexible, scalable, intelligent network? How can I make the right choices? How can I develop services fast enough to compete with OTTs?
A Hardware Story
Joe Stanganelli  
3/5/2015   5 comments
Discussions about what technologies the New IP encompasses tend to resemble an alphabet soup of references to software solutions. NFV. VNFs. SDN. IoT. FOSS. But what is the place of hardware in the New IP? After all, you can't have software without it.
MWC: 5G, RCS & Title II
Elizabeth Miller Coyne  
3/4/2015   6 comments
5G, Title II, RCS and IOT dominated at MWC where multiple groups made their 5G intentions known, service providers confirmed RCS services are imminent in the US and Tom Wheeler used his keynote session to defend the Federal Communications Commission's Title II decision.
MWC: All About the New IP
Elizabeth Miller Coyne  
3/3/2015   6 comments
Mobile World Congress should add an "All about the New IP" tagline to its name this year due to the rush of New IP-themed news coming out of the event.
Brocade Acquisition Adds New Piece to New IP Puzzle
Elizabeth Miller Coyne  
3/3/2015   7 comments
At Mobile World Congress this week in Barcelona, Brocade announced its plans to acquire Connectem, which provides virtual evolved packet core (vEPC) solutions that allow mobile operators to take advantage of a virtualized operating environment.

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