Content posted in March 2016
Virtualization Follow-the-Leader
Carol Wilson  
3/30/2016   10 comments
AT&T is making it clear that on multiple fronts, it is boldly going where few have dared. Is the industry ready to follow?
Security Risks Create Opportunity for Service Providers, Developers
Tim Kridel  
3/30/2016   Post a comment
As the New IP connects organizations' intellectual property and customer data, enterprises must scrutinize their weakest links, which they may find as nearby as their third-party developers' doors.
Device Fingerprints: The Secret to IoT Security?
Alison Diana  
3/29/2016   29 comments
Georgia Tech researchers use devices' unique electronic fingerprints to figure out which are legitimate and which may come from potentially malicious sources. Initially designed for networked industrial systems, this solution could be adapted for IoT.
What Happens in the CEN, Stays in the CEN
Christopher Cullan  
3/28/2016   5 comments
We need network transparency to achieve the reality of the Third Network.
Virtual Newsbites: SDN Is Now Mission Critial
Alison Diana  
3/25/2016   11 comments
New SDN products and partnerships hit the headlines, as enterprises eagerly invest in this enabling technology.
MIMO Delivers 12-Fold Increase in 5G Efficiency, Researchers Claim
Alison Diana  
3/24/2016   9 comments
Teams at the Universities of Bristol and Lund, in partnership with National Instrument, demonstrated multiple antenna technology that far out-performed today's best 4G solutions.
AT&T Fights Google Fiber in Courts & Streets
Joe Stanganelli  
3/24/2016   21 comments
A Louisville, Ken., ordinance allowing Google to work on AT&T equipment in order to support new Google Fiber infrastructure lays the framework for an epic battle with national legal and political implications.
Take a Quantum Leap for Encryption Hacks
Tim Kridel  
3/22/2016   2 comments
Quantum computers are limited today in their ability to break encryption, but their capabilities are advancing -- and organizations like the NSA are interested.
Virtual Newsbites: Spending Spree on the New IP
Alison Diana  
3/18/2016   4 comments
As basketball fans consider their March Madness winnings, the telecommunications industry does a little spending of its own.
Putting People First in the New IP Age
Carol Wilson  
3/16/2016   4 comments
Top technologists explain why the move to the New IP is more about the people than the technology.
Unlimited Data Plans Prepare Service Provider Networks for the New IP
Uri Gurevitz  
3/15/2016   32 comments
As service providers consider how to support customers' changing needs, several are returning to unlimited data plans. And that's a good idea.
Is a CDN Model the Key to the New IP?
Tom Nolle  
3/14/2016   41 comments
We need a way to link OTT services to networks so operators can differentiate themselves technically without spending all their time in court. Then we can fund the New IP and gain insight into complementary services.
Virtual Reality Newsbites: Rules of the New IP Road
Alison Diana  
3/11/2016   21 comments
Government mandates can generate confusion -- and opportunity for service providers to respond to questions about cloud, privacy and NFV.
Telecom APIs: A Foundation of the New IP
Alison Diana  
3/10/2016   5 comments
To offer clients next-generation services, operators plan to spend $1.2 billion on telecom APIs by 2020.
How to Secure the New IP
Alison Diana  
3/9/2016   48 comments
Service providers focus on protecting big data, cloud, and
New IP & the Enterprise Impact
Elizabeth Miller Coyne  
3/7/2016   9 comments
A new webinar discusses how New IP technologies can transform business, stimulate economic development and help drive the global economy.
Virtual Reality Newsbites: See You in Court
Alison Diana  
3/4/2016   27 comments
Verizon and AT&T joined industry heavyweights voicing support for Apple in its battle with the FBI.
NFV: Are We There Yet?
Doug Tait  
3/4/2016   2 comments
Where are we now and how far do we need to go to achieve true network virtualization?
Old Flaws, New Mobile Trends Drive Many IT Breaches, Survey Finds
Tim Kridel  
3/3/2016   4 comments
Security vulnerabilities age well and that doesn't bode well for patch-weary IT professionals.

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