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In Software, Bigger Doesn't Mean Better or Faster
Carol Wilson  
11/17/2016   Post a comment
In the software world, bigger teams aren't always better – or faster, according to Chris Kenyon of Canonical.
AT&T SVP: Expanded AWS Partnership Adds Features, Functionality
Carol Wilson  
10/11/2016   Post a comment
Mo Katibeh, senior vice president of Advanced Solutions at AT&T Business Solutions, discusses the CSP's new partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS).
Virtualization Follow-the-Leader
Carol Wilson  
3/30/2016   10 comments
AT&T is making it clear that on multiple fronts, it is boldly going where few have dared. Is the industry ready to follow?
Putting People First in the New IP Age
Carol Wilson  
3/16/2016   4 comments
Top technologists explain why the move to the New IP is more about the people than the technology.
Is Facebook Your New BFF?
Carol Wilson  
2/24/2016   26 comments
Serial MWC keynoter Mark Zuckerberg wooed prospective and existing partners during his turns at the microphone.
AT&T Tackles IoT Security
Carol Wilson  
2/23/2016   41 comments
AT&T is warning that businesses are rushing to embrace IoT without a clear plan for cyber security.
Getting Edgy About Fiber
Carol Wilson  
1/29/2016   10 comments
Network transformation is even impacting the most basic part of the network -- the fiber optic transport layer.
What's Really Worth Scoring?
Carol Wilson  
1/26/2016   24 comments
If you are tracking which operator joins which open source group, stop. Look instead at what those operators are trying to transform.
Why Managed Security Changes Dramatically in 2016
Carol Wilson  
1/11/2016   5 comments
The changing threat landscape is a challenge but also an opportunity for service providers who realize they need to offer a new kind of protection for their enterprise customers.
The 2020 Vision From Wicklow
Carol Wilson  
12/28/2015   16 comments
Telecom execs gathered for Light Reading's Executive Summit, and the impressions they left aren't what you might have expected.
White Boxes Not Necessarily Cheaper Option
Carol Wilson  
11/25/2015   13 comments
Panel of experts says the benefits of white boxes are considerable, but don't necessarily include capex and opex savings in the near term.
New Business Models for the New IP
Carol Wilson  
10/26/2015   13 comments
Growth at the edge of content caching is creating a new opportunity for companies like ColoAtl.
AT&T Already Reaping New IP Rewards
Carol Wilson  
9/30/2015   5 comments
Use of SDN and NFV, along with open source, is already paying off at AT&T in its ability to roll out services faster and in capex savings.
Summer Shorts: Thoughts on the New IP
Carol Wilson  
8/28/2015   2 comments
A short selection of random observations from a summer-long discussion of hot New IP topics.
Open Source Holds Appeal, Challenge for Telecom
Carol Wilson  
8/13/2015   5 comments
Head of Linux Foundation sees a serious uptick in open source interest from major telecom players that must overcome challenges to change the way they do business and find the needed software development skills.
Rural Telcos Not Convinced on Cloud
Carol Wilson  
8/4/2015   17 comments
Virtualization and moving to the cloud are not priorities for smaller companies more focused on survival and regulatory changes.
Video Streaming Reshapes IP Networks
Carol Wilson  
7/31/2015   22 comments
The shift away from traditional pay TV is gathering momentum and will speed up the pace at which the New IP must evolve.
Masergy Casts Light on Divergent NFV Options
Carol Wilson  
7/6/2015   3 comments
Masergy's plans to deploy premises-based virtual router show how quickly the industry is embracing virtual CPE, and how diverse the approaches are to providing it.
As SDN Gets Real, It Also Diversifies
Carol Wilson  
5/11/2015   7 comments
More service providers are laying out their SDN strategies, based on their own priorities and previous deployments.
Vive la Différence! Verizon's SDN Plans
Carol Wilson  
4/29/2015   10 comments
Major carrier pronouncements about software-defined networking aren't quite the surprise they were a couple of years ago, but Verizon's announcement this week of its SDN strategy is still noteworthy for the New IP community.
Are US MSOs Ready to Jump-Start Virtualization?
Carol Wilson  
3/31/2015   21 comments
Cable operators are becoming more engaged in virtualization and could become leaders in early deployments.
Making Security Fundamental
Carol Wilson  
2/27/2015   29 comments
In the New IP realm, security becomes everyone's job and must be baked into each new technology and service from the outset.
Is OpenConfig a New IP Model?
Carol Wilson  
2/24/2015   10 comments
Operator-driven, Google-initiated effort is producing results rapidly that will help networks move more quickly to the New IP.
Distributed NFV: The Debate Still Rages
Carol Wilson  
1/27/2015   5 comments
Virtualizing CPE seems like the ultimate no-brainer, but there are still many issues to be resolved and concerns about managing distributed VNFs.
Broadband Politics Won't Slow The New IP
Carol Wilson  
1/15/2015   15 comments
Obama's push to speed US Internet access shouldn't slow investment in the virtualized, software-driven, flexible network technology telecom needs
A Different Take on Automation
Carol Wilson  
1/8/2015   4 comments
Global Capacity has already built its business around one platform which automates the purchase of access lines. Now it's automating its back office.
Top 5 Predictions for The New IP in 2015
Carol Wilson  
12/30/2014   6 comments
Light Reading's Editor-at-Large Carol Wilson dusts off the crystal ball and shakes off the dust of 2014 to boldly forecast what lies ahead.
CenturyLink's Poll: Time Is a Weapon
Carol Wilson  
12/5/2014   7 comments
CenturyLink says turning up a new long-haul network is no longer a multi-year process and neither is delivering new 100G services on that backbone.
Collaboration Innovation
Carol Wilson  
11/24/2014   49 comments
Collaboration has long been the hallmark of the telecom industry, and that core principle isn't changing in The New IP. But the type of collaboration that this major network shift is creating does seem to be new, and it is coming largely from the operator community.
Join the War on Silos
Carol Wilson  
11/14/2014   5 comments
Are silos a picturesque part of the farm landscape? Hardly. Not on these pages they ain't! Silos are the enemy of efficiency in the telecom world and must be busted up at all costs!
Too Many NFV Standards Groups? Maybe Not
Carol Wilson  
11/6/2014   13 comments
NFV is going to have a broad impact on the telecom industry, so shouldn't everyone be involved in its development?
ON.Lab's New SDN OS Gets AT&T, NTT Nod
Carol Wilson  
11/4/2014   4 comments
SDN pioneers are among the early backers of a new open source operating system that is promising a new strategy for making the transition to virtualization
Show Me The Good Wife!
Carol Wilson  
10/23/2014   13 comments
The video entertainment industry suddenly sees value in OTT but the real value is a personalized cloud content service over an on-demand network.
Windstream Maxes Portal's Time-to-Market
Carol Wilson  
10/10/2014   5 comments
Dedicating IT team toward carrier solutions group helps bring customer portal to market in less than 10 months.
AT&T: Orchestrate What You've Got
Carol Wilson  
10/9/2014   6 comments
Telecom giant delivers on-demand services with SDN, NFV and Open APIs but its internal orchestration layer also interfaces with existing OSS/BSS offerings.
CenturyLink's Open API Ambitions
Carol Wilson  
10/7/2014   6 comments
The telecom network operator brought 11 vendors to the table to hammer out open APIs for Ethernet services, and the whole industry is benefiting.
Does Talking About Security Make You Nervous?
Carol Wilson  
10/3/2014   28 comments
The New IP is going to require a new approach to security and the time to talk about that is now.
Partnering in The New IP Fashion
Carol Wilson  
10/2/2014   5 comments
Everyone is hooking up with Amazon Web Services these days, but AT&T may be doing it in the way that makes the most sense.
Orange Brings Service Flexibility to Internet Access
Carol Wilson  
10/1/2014   11 comments
By offering its core MPLS-VPN customers an easier way to add secure Internet access, the carrier expects to boost revenues and satisfaction.
Accelerating NFV: Open Source vs. Open Process
Carol Wilson  
9/30/2014   10 comments
The new OPNFV project is bringing open source to the NFV world, which stands to accelerate the commercial arrival of this critical technology.
Why Helium Is a Crucial Step for SDN
Carol Wilson  
9/29/2014   13 comments
The latest release from OpenDaylight doesn't just push the process and software code for a controller forward, it shows how the process works.
The New IP Breeds a New Brand of Data Center
Carol Wilson  
9/25/2014   19 comments
Cologix is a carrier-neutral data center company with facilities in colocation and interconnection points, riding the Tier 2 traffic boom.
NTT Revs Up Honda Supply Chain
Carol Wilson  
9/24/2014   29 comments
Using the SDN-based network that connects its global cloud data centers, NTT shows Honda how to dramatically improve its supplier network performance.
The Means to an End-to-End
Carol Wilson  
9/22/2014   16 comments
Multiple efforts take on the challenge of end-to-end service orchestration and interoperability.
If It Ain't Automated, You're Doing It Wrong
Carol Wilson  
9/18/2014   11 comments
Moving to software control of network resources is half the battle, but automating the processes of delivering services on demand is also essential.

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