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 The Business of NFV and SDN: Building Blocks of Digital Transformation
Voices On Virtualization  
12/13/2016   66 comments

Most enterprises, whether large or small, today want to transform themselves into digital organizations. But it takes more than mobile devices, a few snazzy apps, and claiming a DevOps culture. As John Isch, Practice Director, Network & Voice at Orange Business Services explains in New IP Agency Radio's Voices on Virtualization show, NFV and SDN are critical to organizations' digital transformations – and CSPs play a key role in helping customers map out their digital futures. Join NIA's Alison Diana and Isch in an hour-long discussion of topics such as hurdles and opportunities; interoperability and integration; Orange success stories; first steps for digital transformation and measuring results.

 The Results Are In: What the NIA-EANTC Interoperability Tests Mean for CSPs & Enterprises
Voices On Virtualization  
11/28/2016   54 comments

Each year, service providers expend untold resources on duplicative assessments to determine interoperability between vendors' virtualization products. Eliminating even some of these tests cuts costs and time, thereby accelerating end-users’ ability to roll-out new digital services across CSPs' NFV- and SDN-powered offerings. The result? Enhanced profitability across industries, more secure networks, increased automation and new business opportunities. Working with independent third-party testing organization EANTC, several NIA vendor members recently participated in the NIA’s NFVi-VNF Interoperability and/or VNF Management Interoperability evaluations. Results will be published on the New IP Agency and Light Reading websites the week of Dec. 5th. On Monday, Nov. 28 at 2 p.m. ET, join NIA Director Jeff Hannah; EANTC Managing Director Carsten Rossenhövel and Colt Director Strategy, Architecture and Innovation Nico Fischbach as they discuss the tests, the results, interoperability costs and challenges, virtualization's many standards and what independent testing means for CSPs.

 Virtualization & the Digital Transformation: Successfully Disrupting the Network
Voices On Virtualization  
9/27/2016   94 comments

Most enterprises recognize they must transition from yesterday's networks to virtual infrastructures that deliver more agility and on-demand resources. But interoperability woes, concerns over security and lack of internal resources, questions about total cost of ownership and return on investment have frozen many organizations' network advances. Network disruption does not, however, have to disrupt business. Join Victoria Lonker, director of product management for Verizon's Private IP (MPLS) software defined networks (SDN) and mobile private network solutions, as she describes how enterprises can adopt virtualized networks to realize the technology's many benefits.

 How to Deploy SDN at Scale: A Use Case by Level 3 & Cisco
Voices On Virtualization  
9/20/2016   73 comments

Looking to reap benefits such as cost savings, enhanced network performance, improved productivity, better security and simpler network operations, organizations' interest in software-defined networks continues to surge. Simultaneously, the complexity and span of SDN deployments grows. Andrew Dugan, acting Chief Technology Officer at Level 3, and Carl Moberg, Technology Director at Cisco, join the New IP Agency's Voices on Virtualization to discuss the importance of choosing the right infrastructure and what it means to customers.

 AT&T Labs: How to Write a Virtualization Playbook
Voices On Virtualization  
8/25/2016   67 comments
Tune in to the New IP Agency's Voices on Virtualization radio show to hear how AT&T is fostering virtualization innovation for the service provider's internal processes and external customers.
 Just Like Starting Over: Birch Communications Refocuses on Organic Growth
Voices On Virtualization  
8/9/2016   5 comments
After years of acquisitions, the 20-year-old communications service provider is now looking inward, educating its partner channel on Birch's many non-POTS solutions in the cloud and data center, attending more events and preparing itself and its partners for the New IP.
 Redefining the Perimeter: Breaking the Security Hardware Cycle
Voices On Virtualization  
6/21/2016   61 comments
We need to break the security hardware cycle and move security, and its perimeter, to the network and leverage the cloud for its flexibility. Join Chris Richter, senior vice president of global security services at Level 3 Communications, as he dissects this market shift
 Bringing DevOps to Network Automation
Voices On Virtualization  
6/16/2016   130 comments
Join The New IP editor Alison Diana and Jason Nolet, senior vice president of the Switching, Routing and Analytics Products Group at Brocade for a discussion about using DevOps methodologies and workflow-centric, cross-domain network automation to improve IT and business agility.
 AT&T: Securing the New IP Network
Voices On Virtualization  
4/26/2016   160 comments
Tune in to The New IP's Tune In Tuesday radio show to hear about AT&T's enterprise security strategy as the service provider moves its network to the cloud. Rita Marty, Executive Director of the AT&T Chief Security Office, will discuss the tremendous opportunities the New IP world and technologies such as SDN and NFV deliver as AT&T transforms its infrastructure and security posture.
 OPNFV Channels DevOps Power for Brahmaputra
Voices On Virtualization  
4/5/2016   76 comments
Tune in to The New IP's Tune In Tuesday radio show for a discussion about OPNFV's newest Brahmaputra release – its many new technical capabilities and features, as well as how the open source organization used DevOps and an Agile environment to manage the more than 165 developers that worked on 35 projects.
 The Role of Ethernet in a Virtual Future
Voices On Virtualization  
3/15/2016   136 comments
Tune in to The New IP's Tune In Tuesday radio show for a discussion with Travis Ewert, SVP of network software development at Level 3 Communications about how Ethernet and programmable networking go hand in hand -- whether that’s virtual network functions, cloud resources or others.
 OpenDaylight Previews Beryllium
Voices On Virtualization  
3/1/2016   54 comments
Tune in to The New IP's Tune In Tuesday radio show to get a sneak peek into OpenDaylight's Beryllium release from Neela Jacques, executive director of OpenDaylight.
 The Smart Mobile Cloud
Voices On Virtualization  
2/18/2016   92 comments
Tune into The New IP’s radio show to hear Kevin Shatzkamer, CTO, Mobile Networks, Brocade, talk about how New IP technologies like SDN and NFV are essential in mobile networking.
 5G in Motion
Voices On Virtualization  
1/26/2016   135 comments
Tune in to The New IP's Tune in Tuesday radio show to get set for Mobile World Congress by participating in a live interview with Brocade's CTO of Mobile Networks, Kevin Shatzkamer, on the current state of the mobile industry.
 Putting NFV to the Test
Voices On Virtualization  
1/12/2016   48 comments
Tune in to The New IP's Tune in Tuesday radio show to take a deep dive into the New IP Agency's (NIA) first much-anticipated multi-vendor NFV interoperability test, which wrapped up in late 2015.
 Strategic Partnerships for the Digital Age
Voices On Virtualization  
1/5/2016   76 comments
Tune into The New IP’s Tune in Tuesday radio show to learn how businesses are responding to a new environment of rapid change and technological disruption, with many finding it increasingly tough to go it alone.
 Open Source: Increasing Competition & Agility
Voices On Virtualization  
12/8/2015   54 comments
Coming off the heels of the inaugural OPNFV Summit and the project's one-year anniversary, OPNFV director Heather Kirksey will discuss how open source and industry-level collaboration can make the networking industry more competitive and agile.
 Delivering the Optimal Cloud Experience
Voices On Virtualization  
11/10/2015   88 comments
Cloud adoption is reaching primetime around the world as more enterprises look to move their critical applications to an as-a-service model. Tune in to The New IP's radio show for a discussion with John Isch, practice director of network and voice at Orange Business Services, about the need for a next-generation hybrid network.
 Tackling the NFV Security Challenge
Voices On Virtualization  
11/3/2015   124 comments
Tune in to The New IP's Radio Show for a discussion with Ray Watson, VP of technology, and Mike Stute, chief scientist, at Masergy, to get an inside look into how service providers and large enterprises can assure network security in a cloud-based NFV infrastructure.
 The Virtualization Revolution
Voices On Virtualization  
10/27/2015   75 comments
Tune in to The New IP's Radio Show for a discussion with Light Reading’s Founder and CEO, Stephen Saunders, and New IP Agency Director Jeff Hannah on how virtualization is enabling a new, worldwide digital economy that has the power to improve the situation of every person on the planet.
 Cyber Security: What CEOs Need to Know Now
Voices On Virtualization  
10/13/2015   61 comments
Tune in to The New IP's radio show for a timely discussion with Jason Porter, Vice President, Security Solutions at AT&T, about the service provider’s recent Cybersecurity Insights Report, and the challenges behind getting enterprise CEOs and corporate boards involved in cyber security oversight.
 SDN: Beyond Bandwidth on Demand
Voices On Virtualization  
9/29/2015   80 comments
Listen a discussion with Chris Rice, vice president, AT&T Labs, and get an inside look at the endless possibilities of software-defined networking (SDN). With AT&T reporting that SDN is cutting provisioning times by 95% for its Network on Demand service, the benefits to customers and service providers alike are becoming more clear.
 Brocade: Building Your Own Network
Voices On Virtualization  
9/15/2015   75 comments
Tune in to The New IP's Radio Show for a discussion with Andrew Coward, vice president of service provider strategy at Brocade, on how New IP network architectures and technology can enable service providers to give their enterprise customers their very own network.
 New IP & ICT Transformation
Voices On Virtualization  
9/11/2015   102 comments
Tune in to The New IP's Radio Show for a discussion on information and communications technology (ICT) transformation with Heavy Reading’s New IP Analyst Teresa Mastrangelo.
 SIGFOX: Building an IoT Network
Voices On Virtualization  
9/8/2015   96 comments
Listen to Thomas Nicholls, executive vice president of communications at SIGFOX, a French startup that is building a low-cost, alternative cellular network to connect M2M and IoT devices.
 Virtual Reality: AT&T's Network on Demand
Voices On Virtualization  
8/25/2015   85 comments
Tune in to The New IP's Radio Show for the latest from Josh Goodell, VP of Network on Demand at AT&T, who will share insight into the role that NFV plays in the service provider’s software-based architecture.
 The Manufacturing, M2M & Analytics Tipping Point
Voices On Virtualization  
8/18/2015   73 comments
Listen to Jim Kilmer, vice president of Verizon Enterprise Solutions' Manufacturing, Automotive, Energy and Utility Vertical practices, discuss how the boom of M2M and IoT in manufacturing and other verticals is impacting the job of the manufacturing CIO.
 The M2M & IoT Impact
Voices On Virtualization  
8/4/2015   133 comments
Listen to Andrew Morawski, Head of Machine-to-Machine (M2M) Americas, Vodafone, discuss the explosion in Internet of Things (IoT) and M2M devices and their effect on communications providers.
 The Winds of Change
Voices On Virtualization  
7/28/2015   140 comments
Listen to Brooks McCorcle, president of AT&T Partner Solutions, discuss how the winds of change are disrupting networks and systems and are also causing telecom operators to incorporate new skills and new ways of working into their businesses.
 Brocade: Open Source, New IP & Telco
Voices On Virtualization  
7/21/2015   84 comments
Listen to Kelly Herrell, senior vice president and general manager of software networking at Brocade, discuss the importance of open source software development in moving to next-generation IP networks.
 OpenDaylight: Running on Lithium
Voices On Virtualization  
7/7/2015   72 comments
OpenDaylight's Executive Director Neela Jacques will discuss OpenDaylight's third software release, "Lithium," including what's new and how it is being tested in production. Jacques will also talk about the latest technologies and trends in open SDN; what OpenDaylight is doing to support a range of use cases, such as network virtualization, multi-layer orchestration and NFV; and what to expect at the OpenDaylight Summit on July 27-31.
 Evolving Voice in an NFV Era
Voices On Virtualization  
6/23/2015   107 comments
Tune in to The New IP's Radio Show to learn how service providers can cut through the NFV marketing hype and evolve their voice network infrastructure to meet the demands of the future. On this show, Kevin Dundon, executive VP at Alianza, will discuss a pragmatic, New IP approach to simplifying operations, lowering the total cost of ownership and developing agility for delivering new voice services.
 Innovation & Disruption in the New IP
Voices On Virtualization  
6/2/2015   73 comments
Tune in to The New IP's Radio Show for a discussion with Steve Saunders, Light Reading’s Founder and CEO, on how New IP innovations are creating disruption and opportunity. From open architectures and open ecosystems that prevent vendor lock-in and provide agility, resiliency and scalability, to technology and acronyms such as SDN and NFV, Saunders will share his insight into the the next 20-year innovation cycle.
 Making It Real: NFV & SDN
Voices On Virtualization  
5/19/2015   66 comments
Tune in to The New IP's Radio Show to listen to the TM Forum's VP of Collaboration R&D, Ken Dilbeck, talk about the organization's latest PoC work in network functions virtualization (NFV) and software-defined networking (SDN).
 Verizon Talks Cyber Security in the New IP
Voices On Virtualization  
4/28/2015   62 comments
Tune in to The New IP's Radio Show to listen to Bryan Sartin, Director of the Risk Team at Verizon, talk about cyber security in the New IP world. He'll share his thoughts on the top challenges of securing an end-to-end, next-generation IP network, and the ever-changing threat landscape.
 Driving Value out of Analytics
Voices On Virtualization  
4/14/2015   99 comments
Tune in to The New IP's Radio Show to listen to Juan Gorricho, Vice President, Chief Data & Analytics Officer, Partners Federal Credit Union, The Walt Disney Company, talk about how businesses can extract the value out of big data.
 The New IP vs. The Old IP
Voices On Virtualization  
3/31/2015   96 comments
Wondering what the difference is between the New IP and the old IP? Tune in to The New IP's Radio Show to listen to Nicholas Fischbach, Director of Strategy, Architecture and Innovation at Colt Technology Services Group -- one of the more advanced service providers down the New IP path. Fischbach will talk about what differentiates the New IP from the old IP..
 OPNFV and the New IP
Voices On Virtualization  
3/17/2015   82 comments
Tune in to The New IP's Radio Show to meet Heather Kirksey, the new Director of OPNFV, and find out her plans for leadership and direction for the group as she works to blend the worlds of telecom standards and open source software development.
 Shaping the New IP
Voices On Virtualization  
3/10/2015   186 comments
Tune in to The New IP's Radio Show to listen to Axel Clauberg, Vice President of Aggregation, Transport, IP (CTO-ATI) and Fixed Access (CTO-FIA) Architecture at Deutsche Telekom, talk about where the industry is today with the push to intelligent, state-of-the art, software-defined, virtualized IP networks, a.k.a. the New IP.
 Mixing Things Up With Hybrid Networks
Voices On Virtualization  
2/24/2015   113 comments
Tune in to The New IP's Radio Show to listen to John Isch, Practice Director of Network and Voice at Orange Business Services, talk about how hybrid networks are helping enterprises get a handle on the amount and variety of today’s IP traffic.
 Enabling the Connected Car
Voices On Virtualization  
2/17/2015   78 comments
Tune in to The New IP's Radio Show to listen to Erik Goldman, Group President at Verizon Telematics, talk about why enabling connected cars is so important to the New IP ecosystem.
 The Essential New IP Ecosystem
Voices On Virtualization  
2/3/2015   168 comments
Tune in to The New IP's Radio Show to listen to Christine Heckart, senior vice president of ecosystems and chief marketing officer at Brocade, talk about the importance of the industry shifting from a do-it-yourself mindset to more of an ecosystem approach for enabling next-generation IP networks and services.
 OpenDaylight Sheds Light on Open Source
Voices On Virtualization  
1/27/2015   72 comments
Tune in to The New IP's Radio Show to listen to OpenDaylight's Executive Director Neela Jacques talk about the growing impact of open source on the telecom sector, and how the OpenDaylight Project is helping accelerate the adoption of software-defined networking.
 Is the Private Cloud Dead?
Voices On Virtualization  
1/20/2015   64 comments
Tune in to The New IP's Radio Show to listen to John Grady, senior manager, product marketing, XO Communications, come to the defense of the private cloud.
 The Changing Role of the CTO
Voices On Virtualization  
1/16/2015   51 comments
Tune in to The New IP's Radio Show to listen to Randy Nicklas, executive vice president, engineering, and chief technology officer for Windstream, talk about the changing role of the CTO in the world of next-generation IP networks.
 The Enterprise IT Landscape
Voices On Virtualization  
1/6/2015   85 comments
Tune in to The New IP's Radio Show to listen to Tom Homer, head of EMEA and the Americas Enterprise, Telstra Corp. Ltd., talk about the changing enterprise IT landscape and what it means for service providers today and in the future.
 Inside AT&T's Network on Demand
Voices On Virtualization  
12/9/2014   128 comments
Tune in to The New IP's Radio Show to listen to Josh Goodell, Vice President, AT&T Network on Demand, give an insider view into the launch of AT&T's Network on Demand, Ethernet service in Austin, Texas.
 ODCA Discusses Data Center Transformation
Voices On Virtualization  
12/2/2014   86 comments
Tune in to The New IP's Radio Show to listen to Kevin Clarke, Cloud CTO, Verizon, and Board of Directors, Open Data Center Alliance (ODCA), talk about the rapid transformation of data center environments in the service provider and enterprise IT sectors to support end-user applications and content.
 Level 3 Reveals Enterprise Cloud Trends
Voices On Virtualization  
11/18/2014   89 comments
Tune in to The New IP's Radio Show to listen to Level 3 Communications' Paul Savill as he reveals the service provider's recent research on how enterprises are approaching cloud – from where they are in the adoption process, to the major hurdles they are concerned about, to the current structure of their cloud ecosystem.
 Colt Talks Next-Gen OSS
Voices On Virtualization  
11/11/2014   114 comments
Tune in to The New IP's Radio Show to listen to Nico Fischbach, director of strategy, architecture, and innovation at Colt Technology Services Group. He will discuss the challenges service providers face as they introduce NFV and SDN into their existing networks and manage their legacy/virtualized hybrid next-generation networks.
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NFV Orchestration, Infrastructure and VNF
Click to read the Multi-Vendor Interoperability Showcase 2017

CSP Attitudes Toward Digital Transformation: A Reality Check
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NFVi - VNF Interoperability Evaluation
Status: Updated December 2016
Click to read test results from 2015

Service Chaining Interoperability Evaluation - Live NFV Interoperability Demo
Status: Completed in May 2016
Click to read the Live NFV Interop Demo Report

To learn how NFVi vendors may participate in the NIA's evaluations, click here.
Andrew Dugan, acting Chief Technology Officer at Level 3, discusses the service provider's SDN success and plans for NFV.
Produced in partnership with Ericsson, Cisco, Intel and Oracle, the Virtuapedia is the ultimate information source for people, companies, ...
Dave Ward, Cisco's CTO of Engineering and Chief Architect, outlines his vision for the future of virtualization.
AT&T's Doug Nassaur discusses interoperability and virtualization during BCE 2016 in Austin.
Lynn Comp, senior director of market development for the Network Platforms Group for Intel, outlines her vision for the future of virtualization.
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