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How to Win NFV Customers & Influence People
11/22/2016   3 comments
Eight tips on how to transform NFV possibilities into real sales.
9 Creative Ways to Fill the Skills Gap
9/7/2016   4 comments
New IP companies are thinking outside the hiring box to recruit top talent..
Five Pros & Cons About Open Source
8/23/2016   Post a comment
Open source offers service providers many powerful opportunities – but misinformation abounds.
Pics: The Most Wanted Skills for the New IP
7/19/2016   Post a comment
CSPs face an ongoing talent shortage – especially in specialties like virtualization, security and networking. But some skills are in especially high demand.
Pics: NFV Numbers Demonstrate Its Disruptive Role
7/6/2016   2 comments
Research underscores how NFV will permeate service providers' business, stressing how critical it is to operators' business.
Four IoT Legal Developments to Watch
6/9/2016   5 comments
Service providers, developers and entrepreneurs aren't the only ones finding IoT treasure. Attorneys are unearthing layers of confusion as government agencies struggle to catch up to the rapid creation and adoption of these solutions.
Pics: BCE Takes Austin by Storm
6/1/2016   31 comments
Light Reading's BCE event in Austin focused on how service providers are implementing a range of New IP technologies.
Pics: Crowds Flood NIA Demos at BCE
5/27/2016   9 comments
It was standing room only at the NIA Live Interoperability Demos during BCE in Austin.
Pics: ITW Takes Over Chicago
5/12/2016   11 comments
International Telecoms Week (ITW) hit Chicago this week, making the windy city a hot spot for global wholesale operators to meet up and make deals.
Pics: The Service Provider Force Gathers in Orlando
5/6/2016   23 comments
Genband gathered service providers and vendors for Perspectives16, where NFV, SDN -- and Star Wars -- took center stage.
Pics: CSPs Meet in Orlando for New IP Thrills
4/28/2016   14 comments
A slideshow of recent Oracle and Amdocs events in Orlando targeted at service providers transitioning to New IP networks.
Slideshow: Verizon IoT Report in Pictures
4/5/2016   4 comments
Revenue generation is the top IoT driver, a new Verizon study finds.
Open Networking Summit in Pictures
3/25/2016   14 comments
It's not your ordinary networking show, at least not yet.
In Pics: Summing Up Cyber Security
3/17/2016   14 comments
Despite huge budgets, cyber security is still an obstacle and challenge for telecommunications service providers, multiple reports find.
Pics: Getting Jiggy With Next-Gen Cable
3/15/2016   1 comment
The cable industry converged on Denver's Cable Center for one day of intense talks about everything that comes next.
MWC Scrapbook: Brocade's New IP Tour
3/11/2016   3 comments
The Mobile World Congress crowds took in displays of New IP solutions – and hospitality.
Pics: Blowing Up the Cube Farm
3/4/2016   25 comments
CenturyLink's development centers are based on the type of work the company expects from its employees: collaborative, innovative, nimble.
Destination Barcelona: A Day at MWC
3/3/2016   5 comments
Explore some of this year's New IP highlights through pictures from the show.
Pics: NCTC Conference Addresses the New IP
2/26/2016   10 comments
While many technologists headed to Spain for MWC, the NCTC met in Arizona to discuss the New IP, including SDN, broadband and 5G.
Pics: Metro Over Miami
2/5/2016   4 comments
Intrepid builders of fiber optic networks brave the Miami winter to talk about the hot metro market, data centers, mobile backhaul, small cells and more.
Pics: New IP Gets DC Talking
12/18/2015   19 comments
New IP tech took center stage at The Future of US Digital Infrastructure event in DC.
Pics: 2020 Vision in Dublin
12/16/2015   16 comments
Highlights from Light Reading's 2020 Vision Executive Summit in Dublin.
Pics: Alcatel-Lucent Field Trip
11/25/2015   19 comments
The New IP Editor Liz Coyne took a field trip to Alcatel-Lucent's Naperville, Ill., site to meet with execs, see the cloud and take down a network with Whack-a-Mole.
Pics: It's a White Out!
11/19/2015   3 comments
White Box Strategies for CSPs in Santa Clara brought to light some interesting observations about how service providers and cloud providers are using white box switches and servers to build out their New IP networks.
Can Great Minds Solve OSS Issues?
11/12/2015   2 comments
The TM Forum Workshop in advance of Light Reading's OSS in the Era of SDN and NFV challenged attendees to come up with their own solutions.
Live From Frisco: The Incompas Reveal
10/22/2015   11 comments
For the New IP era, a new trade association – or a renamed one – emerges, Incompas, promising to represent Internet innovation and competition.
AT&T Foundry Tackles IoT
9/28/2015   10 comments
From creating special sensor enclosures to testing potential new uses of IoT, one of AT&T Foundry's site is all about IoT.
Inside the AT&T Foundry
9/24/2015   5 comments
Two of AT&T's Foundry sites share a building in Plano, Texas, where innovation is focused on IoT and much more.
Pics: NFV Everywhere Goes to Dallas
9/18/2015   4 comments
NFV Everywhere tackled all the hot virtualization issues in steamy Dallas, including open source, security, integration and more.
NTCA Goes Bi-Coastal
8/19/2015   3 comments
Leaders of some of the nation's smallest telcos met this summer at regional NTCA gatherings.
Pics: CenturyLink Business Tackles Legacy IT
7/23/2015   16 comments
CenturyLink Business stopped in Chicago for a half-day conference focused on helping enterprises build 'customer-centric IT.'
Pics: BTE Breakfast, Ping Pong & Robots
6/19/2015   14 comments
Day two of Light Reading's Big Telecom Event continued the conversation around New IP technologies, plus breakfast, ping pong and robots.
Pics: BTE Takes Chicago by Storm
6/16/2015   15 comments
Light Reading's Big Telecom Event in Chicago provided lots of New IP visuals.
Pics: Verizon IoT Smart Cities Seminar
6/8/2015   36 comments
Verizon's IoT Smart Seminar demoed smart city solutions for Chicago.
Pics: Gigabit Cities Live
5/28/2015   5 comments
Network operators, municipalities, local government and enterprises converged on Atlanta for Light Reading's Gigabit Cities Live event.
Carrier SDN in Pictures
5/15/2015   3 comments
About 150 people gathered in Denver this week to look under the covers of Carrier SDN, and probably got more than they expected.
Pics: ITW Hits Chicago
5/13/2015   4 comments
At International Telecoms Week in Chicago, May 10-13, wholesale carrier business was bustling.
The New IP at INTX
5/7/2015   3 comments
The New IP headed to NCTA's INTX in Chicago, a.k.a. The Cable Show, "reimagined."
Spring on the Road
4/27/2015   59 comments
Spring is a busy time for European tradeshows and conferences, with Mobile World Congress and the CeBIT trade shows providing insights into IT and New IP developments.
New IP Perspectives: IP Possibilities
4/21/2015   5 comments
The NTCA Rural Broadband Association's IP Possibilities Conference and Expo showed signs of New IP technology and trends.
Comptel Not Just for CLECs Anymore
4/16/2015   14 comments
President Chip Pickering points to the diversity of membership, including big ISPs, CLECs and Internet giants including Twitter, Amazon and Google.
Cable Next-Gen Tech in Sepia Tone!
4/6/2015   13 comments
SDN and NFV played a big role at Light Reading's Cable Next-Gen Technologies and Strategies event in Denver.
MWC: Capturing the Action
3/5/2015   12 comments
The New IP captured all the New IP and not-so-New IP nuances of Mobile World Congress 2015.
The New IP Live!
2/23/2015   7 comments
The New IP Event in San Jose, Calif., featured all the New IP buzzwords with NFV, SDN, OpenConfig and open source.
Photos: San Jose Sparkles for Digital Disruption
12/11/2014   6 comments
Festive San Jose, Calif., provided a spirited, twinkling and musical backdrop for TM Forum's North American event.

NFV Orchestration, Infrastructure and VNF
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CSP Attitudes Toward Digital Transformation: A Reality Check
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Service Chaining Interoperability Evaluation - Live NFV Interoperability Demo
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Andrew Dugan, acting Chief Technology Officer at Level 3, discusses the service provider's SDN success and plans for NFV.
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Dave Ward, Cisco's CTO of Engineering and Chief Architect, outlines his vision for the future of virtualization.
AT&T's Doug Nassaur discusses interoperability and virtualization during BCE 2016 in Austin.
Lynn Comp, senior director of market development for the Network Platforms Group for Intel, outlines her vision for the future of virtualization.
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