Capturing the Promise of Virtualization

Mark Cummings
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The silos of operational data and the lack of clear telco business cases are creating a turning point in the inevitable transition to a cloud-based telco data center.
Forget use cases. To prove the validity of silo solutions, telcos must generate proven business cases.
As telco technology, services and business structures have evolved rapidly, operations environments are facing challenges from siloed systems.
In a showing of unprecedented SDO collaboration, industry experts came together in Louisville, Colo., to solve some of the current challenges of virtualization.
Today's telcos have an operational data silo problem solved by manual stopgaps that limit ability to field new services, maintain QoE and reap the benefits of NFV. Although YANG may make things better, a real solution requires an über-model.
NFV Orchestration, Infrastructure and VNF
Click to read the Multi-Vendor Interoperability Showcase 2017

CSP Attitudes Toward Digital Transformation: A Reality Check
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NFVi - VNF Interoperability Evaluation
Status: Updated December 2016
Click to read test results from 2015

Service Chaining Interoperability Evaluation - Live NFV Interoperability Demo
Status: Completed in May 2016
Click to read the Live NFV Interop Demo Report

To learn how NFVi vendors may participate in the NIA's evaluations, click here.
Andrew Dugan, acting Chief Technology Officer at Level 3, discusses the service provider's SDN success and plans for NFV.
Produced in partnership with Ericsson, Cisco, Intel and Oracle, the Virtuapedia is the ultimate information source for people, companies, ...
Dave Ward, Cisco's CTO of Engineering and Chief Architect, outlines his vision for the future of virtualization.
AT&T's Doug Nassaur discusses interoperability and virtualization during BCE 2016 in Austin.
Lynn Comp, senior director of market development for the Network Platforms Group for Intel, outlines her vision for the future of virtualization.
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