Problems with getting NFV products from different vendors to work together have stalled the virtualization market, pushing back the advent of profitable virtualized services from CSPs and carriers. Now, some carriers are essentially saying they’ve had enough of trying to resolve these issues themselves. Instead of focusing on getting the NFV infrastructure to work they are developing standardized service models which are designed to run over anyone’s NFV infrastructure.

Built using the TOSCA and YANG languages, these models provide high-level descriptions of services. The idea is to hide the specifics of a service behind an abstraction layer, making it simpler for different vendors’ products to plug into a particular service. Standardized service models have another advantage, too, eliminating arduous OSS/BSS integration tasks by allowing carriers to interconnect their offerings at the service level.

By the end of this year (2017) NIA will debut an online repository containing publicly available standardized service models donated from leading carriers – including BT, which has already committed to donating 36 models.

And over time the NIA will also help to drive the standardization of these models, so that models from different carriers can interwork.

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