The Results Are In: What the NIA-EANTC Interoperability Tests Mean for CSPs & Enterprises

Each year, service providers expend untold resources on duplicative assessments to determine interoperability between vendors' virtualization products. Eliminating even some of these tests cuts costs and time, thereby accelerating end-users’ ability to roll-out new digital services across CSPs' NFV- and SDN-powered offerings. The result? Enhanced profitability across industries, more secure networks, increased automation and new business opportunities. Working with independent third-party testing organization EANTC, several NIA vendor members recently participated in the NIA’s NFVi-VNF Interoperability and/or VNF Management Interoperability evaluations. Results will be published on the New IP Agency and Light Reading websites the week of Dec. 5th. On Monday, Nov. 28 at 2 p.m. ET, join NIA Director Jeff Hannah; EANTC Managing Director Carsten Rossenhövel and Colt Director Strategy, Architecture and Innovation Nico Fischbach as they discuss the tests, the results, interoperability costs and challenges, virtualization's many standards and what independent testing means for CSPs.

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