"The NIA will help us to get a cleaned-up picture of standards and implementations."

-- Axel Clauberg, Vice President of Transport, Aggregation and IP and Fixed Access, Deutsche Telekom --
"NIA will shorten our cycles for the RFPs, the testing, and for seeing who does what, and what works with whom."

-- Nico Fischbach, Director of Strategy, Architecture and Innovation, Colt Technology Services Group --
"BT supports VNF-NFVI interoperability testing by the NIA. We are concerned with the growing diversity of NFVI and specializations that limit the portability of VNFs. This growing diversity leads to increasing operational complexity and costs."

-- Peter J. Willis, Chief Researcher, BT --
"The Cloudification of Network Functions and the change in our production models is probably the biggest transformation ever hitting the Telco industry. In a world build on Open Standards and Open Source, testing and integration remains a major effort - an independent entity like NIA driving this can deliver huge value to us as network operators and our vendors."

-- Axel Clauberg, VP of Transport, Aggregation and IP and Fixed Access, Deutsche Telekom --
Cover Image
Alison Diana, Ambassador, New IP Agency, 7/25/2016
With its $4.8-billion acquisition of Yahoo Inc. (Nasdaq: YHOO), Verizon underscores communications service providers' need for both content and New IP networks to cost-effectively, powerfully and scaleably deliver all these videos, websites, songs and words to data-hungry users around the world.
Cover Image
Elizabeth Miller Coyne, Managing Editor, 7/22/2016
This week was NFV week at the NIA newsdesk with services and collaboration being keywords as providers and organizations, including AT&T, Orange, Verizon Enterprise Services and ONOS and ONF, announced NFV and SDN approaches and partnerships.
Carol Wilson, Editor-at-large, 7/21/2016
The ONOS Project and the Open Networking Foundation have collaborated to create the first open-source leaf-spine fabric, based on the ONOS SDN controller, OpenFlow 1.3 and bare-metal switching hardware, targeting service provider data centers, among other use cases. It is being combined with the ONOS CORD initiative to create an integrated network ...
Carol Wilson, Editor-at-large, 7/21/2016
Verizon Enterprise Solutions today announced its first set of virtual network services, including the usual suspects of security, WAN optimization, software-defined WANs and virtualized customer premises gear. Working with mostly established vendors, Verizon is making its services available globally on an immediate basis, and focusing heavily on giving ...
New IP Agency, , 7/21/2016
NEW YORK - Delivering on its Software Defined Networking and Network Functions Virtualization strategy, Verizon Enterprise Solutions is launching Virtual Network Services that will enable enterprises to transition to a virtual infrastructure model, providing greater agility and on-demand resources.
Alison Diana, Ambassador, New IP Agency, 7/21/2016
Verizon Enterprise Solutions today launched Virtual Network Services, which leverage the company's investment in software-defined networking and network functions virtualization to help enterprise customers in 30 global markets evolve from traditional to New IP networks.
Carol Wilson, Editor-at-large, 7/20/2016
AT&T and Orange are partnering to accelerate the standardization of interoperability in the SDN and NFV domains, and are hoping other major industry players will join them. But the pair isn't planning any new organizations and will, in fact, be using existing standards groups to finalize things, an AT&T executive said today. (See AT&T, Orange Team on ...
Alison Diana, Ambassador, New IP Agency, 7/19/2016
To keep pace with technological advances, communications service providers' internal network, engineering and IT professionals also are evolving, not only learning new skills but also implementing new practices and processes.
Cover Image
Steve Saunders, CEO and founder, Light Reading, 7/19/2016
Senior Juniper Networks executives talk to Light Reading Founder & CEO Steve Saunders about NFV developments and the recent independent evaluation by test lab EANTC of Juniper's Cloud CPE solution.
Judith Myerson
Posted by Judith Myerson |  In reply to: Manual Security Processes Beat Poor Automation
Allison, I agree that poor security automation can lead to security failure.
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Judith Myerson
Posted by Judith Myerson |  In reply to: Pics: NFV Numbers Demonstrate Its Disruptive Role
Your slideshow is superb! You show how NFV numbers have demonstrated its disruptive role.
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Susan Fourtané
Posted by Susan Fourtané  |  In reply to: 5 Ways CSPs Can Profit From Virtualization & Big Data
Thank you, Bora. Indeed, smart use if AI, which is the point of the technology. -Susan
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Susan Fourtané
Posted by Susan Fourtané  |  In reply to: Virtual Newsbites: European Service Providers Boost Services
mp, thank you for all the great discussions at the New IP. :) -Susan
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