NIA Launches NFV Interoperability Certification Program

The New IP Agency has launched its NFV Certification Program that addresses the most profound issue currently delaying the implementation of advanced virtualized networks: a lack of interoperability between network functions virtualization (NFV) software from different vendors.

The absence of standards requires hard coding each instance of interoperability, limits SP options when choosing NFV products, is not scalable, and can only be validated through expensive, time-consuming lab work.

Certified interoperability will enable service providers to deploy next-generation services and applications quickly, reliably, and easily. The certification will strengthen customer confidence in multi-vendor solutions, reduce service provider testing costs, and massively accelerate platform/service deployment.

Testing will be led by the European Advanced Networking Test Center, (EANTC), an internationally recognized test center, based in Berlin, Germany, and a long-standing partner of the NIA.


  • Initial phases will verify VNF onboarding on VIM/NFVIs, and also NFVO network service management interoperability
  • Testing will be patterned after the TST007 specification under ETSI rules
  • Each successful test will be publicly announced
  • Certifications will remain in force for a period of 18 months, pending automated re-testing in the wake of any product changes
  • First series of tests is scheduled for completion in May
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"The NIA certification program is essential to the success of the telecom industry. By providing clear, independent, not-for-profit pass/fail interoperability testing, we will help get service providers back on track to deliver on the promise of virtualization."
- Steve Saunders

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"The NIA will help us to get a cleaned-up picture of standards and implementations."

-- Axel Clauberg, Vice President of Transport, Aggregation and IP and Fixed Access, Deutsche Telekom --
"NIA will shorten our cycles for the RFPs, the testing, and for seeing who does what, and what works with whom."

-- Nico Fischbach, Director of Strategy, Architecture and Innovation, Colt Technology Services Group --
"BT supports VNF-NFVI interoperability testing by the NIA. We are concerned with the growing diversity of NFVI and specializations that limit the portability of VNFs. This growing diversity leads to increasing operational complexity and costs."

-- Peter J. Willis, Chief Researcher, BT --
"The Cloudification of Network Functions and the change in our production models is probably the biggest transformation ever hitting the Telco industry. In a world build on Open Standards and Open Source, testing and integration remains a major effort - an independent entity like NIA driving this can deliver huge value to us as network operators and our vendors."

-- Axel Clauberg, VP of Transport, Aggregation and IP and Fixed Access, Deutsche Telekom --
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Steve Saunders, Founder, Light Reading, 3/20/2018
I had an interesting conversation recently with Dr. Marcus Hacke, the founder and MD of Ngena GmbH.
Iain Morris, News Editor, 3/6/2018
What ails NFV? Incompatibility between vendors, a lack of standardized approaches and insufficient expertise usually top the list of telco complaints about virtualization rollout. Senior management indifference is less frequently cited as a problem. But CEO engagement with NFV makes a big difference, as France's Orange has shown.
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Steve Saunders, Founder, Light Reading, 3/5/2018
I have seen the future of communications, and it's pretty cool.
Simon Stanley, , 2/16/2018
The shift to application and network virtualization by operators and service providers requires a new generation of multicore processors that are being introduced by many vendors. Cloud services are being delivered from hyper-scale data centers and through edge networks where support for virtual applications and virtualized networks requires servers with ...
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Sterling Perrin, Principal Analyst, Heavy Reading, 2/9/2018
Six years on, is carrier SDN a success or a failure? It's not a simple question to answer. Perceptions are defined by one's expectations, and with early expectations for both SDN and NFV sky-high, failure to meet expectations was inevitable. But if we remove perceptions and expectations from the analysis, we get a more objective read on SDN's progress in ...
Ray Le Maistre, Editor-in-Chief, 2/1/2018
Industry body The New IP Agency (NIA) has launched a certification program aimed at tackling one of the biggest challenges holding up the deployment of virtualization -- interoperability. (See The New IP Agency Announces Interoperability Certification for Next-Gen Virtualization.)
Ray Le Maistre, Editor-in-Chief, 1/23/2018
Verizon has deployed software from transport network management startup Sedona Systems to help it gain visibility into, and manage, its extensive optical and IP transport networks.
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Carol Wilson, Editor-at-large, 1/19/2018
While the merger of CenturyLink and Level 3 Communications isn't slowing down the pace of virtualization activity within the new company, the union is focusing the activity more on integration efforts, says the new man in charge. James Feger, vice president of network virtualization, says SDN and NFV will make it easier for the new CenturyLink to deliver ...
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