Most Commented Content posted in January 2016
Rethinking Data Center Security
Tim Kridel  
1/21/2016   71 comments
For hackers, data centers are the place to be because they hold an organization's crown jewels.
2016: 6 New IP Predictions
Ariella Brown  
1/19/2016   47 comments
Sarah Lahav, CEO of SysAid Technologies, offers up six predictions on what we can expect to see in 2016 for New IP technologies and more.
Poll: 2015's Biggest Challenge Was Money & Interop
Elizabeth Miller Coyne  
1/22/2016   44 comments
New IP readers said business models and interoperability were the biggest challenges of 2015.
3 Keys to Running a Data Center As a Business
Oliver Lindner  
1/28/2016   37 comments
The New IP era requires new ways of thinking for enterprise IT operations -- one that includes improving data center operations and running it as a business.
What's Really Worth Scoring?
Carol Wilson  
1/26/2016   24 comments
If you are tracking which operator joins which open source group, stop. Look instead at what those operators are trying to transform.
Cyber Security: Share & Share Alike
Ariella Brown  
1/4/2016   18 comments
Increased access and sharing is generally considered a good thing when it comes to cyber security. But it can become a liability when an unauthorized user gains access to confidential information.
Virtual Reality Newsbites: M&A Mania
Elizabeth Miller Coyne  
1/15/2016   16 comments
A weekly round up of New IP news from around the globe.
Virtual Reality Newsbites: New IP Gets Smart
Elizabeth Miller Coyne  
1/8/2016   14 comments
A weekly round up of New IP-focused news from around the globe.
Hit the Powerball Jackpot? Spend It New IP Style
Joe Stanganelli  
1/14/2016   11 comments
Cloud. NFV. SDN. Mobile. SaaS. IaaS. All ways to spend that $1.5 billion Powerball jackpot -- in New IP style.
On the New IP Path: Tracking Virtualization
Elizabeth Miller Coyne  
1/25/2016   10 comments
Heavy Reading's new Future of Virtualization Index Report tracks where 40 service providers are on the path to New IP networks.
Getting Edgy About Fiber
Carol Wilson  
1/29/2016   10 comments
Network transformation is even impacting the most basic part of the network -- the fiber optic transport layer.
AT&T Revamps Network With Open Source
Tim Kridel  
1/8/2016   10 comments
AT&T is breaking the traditional telco mold with its aggressive rollout of virtualization, including platforms based on open source software.
2016 Mobile, NFV & OTT Predictions: LATAM & Beyond
Diego Becker  
1/15/2016   8 comments
New research from Comptel shows that consumer obsession with data is driving telco investments in network improvements.
New IP Agency Launches With Major SPs & Vendors On Board
Elizabeth Miller Coyne  
1/28/2016   8 comments
The New IP Agency launched with a host of major service providers and vendors on board, including Deutsche Telekom, Cox, Time Warner Cable and XO.
Leading the NFV Charge
Tom Nolle  
1/12/2016   6 comments
Service providers started NFV and they are critically important in moving NFV toward full realization of its potential.
Why Managed Security Changes Dramatically in 2016
Carol Wilson  
1/11/2016   5 comments
The changing threat landscape is a challenge but also an opportunity for service providers who realize they need to offer a new kind of protection for their enterprise customers.
Virtual Reality Newsbites: More M&A, More Broadband
Elizabeth Miller Coyne  
1/29/2016   4 comments
A weekly summary of New IP news from around the globe.

NFV Orchestration, Infrastructure and VNF
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CSP Attitudes Toward Digital Transformation: A Reality Check
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NFVi - VNF Interoperability Evaluation
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Service Chaining Interoperability Evaluation - Live NFV Interoperability Demo
Status: Completed in May 2016
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To learn how NFVi vendors may participate in the NIA's evaluations, click here.
Andrew Dugan, acting Chief Technology Officer at Level 3, discusses the service provider's SDN success and plans for NFV.
Produced in partnership with Ericsson, Cisco, Intel and Oracle, the Virtuapedia is the ultimate information source for people, companies, ...
Dave Ward, Cisco's CTO of Engineering and Chief Architect, outlines his vision for the future of virtualization.
AT&T's Doug Nassaur discusses interoperability and virtualization during BCE 2016 in Austin.
Lynn Comp, senior director of market development for the Network Platforms Group for Intel, outlines her vision for the future of virtualization.
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