Most Commented Content posted in November 2014
Collaboration Innovation
Carol Wilson  
11/24/2014   49 comments
Collaboration has long been the hallmark of the telecom industry, and that core principle isn't changing in The New IP. But the type of collaboration that this major network shift is creating does seem to be new, and it is coming largely from the operator community.
Poll: Cloud Security #1 Enterprise Challenge
Elizabeth Miller Coyne  
11/4/2014   44 comments
In the world of The New IP, enterprises today rely on the cloud more and more to run their businesses, but security and performance are key challenges.
The New IP Top 5
Elizabeth Miller Coyne  
11/26/2014   21 comments
NFV and SDN have been the hottest topics on The New IP over the last two months in addition to the trending issues of cyber security, the Internet of Things, enterprise cloud and industry collaboration.
Eating the Internet of Things
Joe Stanganelli  
11/26/2014   17 comments
Forget wearables, ingestibles are the next wave of digital health monitors.
Too Many NFV Standards Groups? Maybe Not
Carol Wilson  
11/6/2014   13 comments
NFV is going to have a broad impact on the telecom industry, so shouldn't everyone be involved in its development?
NFV vs. the Cloud
Kevin Mitchell  
11/21/2014   12 comments
In the past, service providers had two choices: build a network or white label someone else's service. Now cloud is an option, and that means cloud sourcing the NFV technology and benefits.
Taking an Experiential View of the New IP
Tom Nolle  
11/10/2014   10 comments
Today 'the network' is whatever connects people with what they want. They don't think of switches our routers, hardware or software. They are buying experiences, and that's a very fundamental change in networking and what separates the "New IP" from the old.
The New NFV Equation: Agility
Shauli Rozen  
11/28/2014   9 comments
The focus of implementing NFV is shifting from cost savings to business agility and the ability to bring services to market faster than ever before.
The Analytics/NFV/SDN Connection
Elizabeth Miller Coyne  
11/13/2014   7 comments
Making the connection between data analytics, NFV and SDN.
Network Optimization Helps Mobile Operators Avoid the Short End of the Spectrum
Bernard Breton  
11/17/2014   6 comments
Better network optimization allows operators to work more efficiently with their existing network assets to better manage network performance.
Join the War on Silos
Carol Wilson  
11/14/2014   5 comments
Are silos a picturesque part of the farm landscape? Hardly. Not on these pages they ain't! Silos are the enemy of efficiency in the telecom world and must be busted up at all costs!
ON.Lab's New SDN OS Gets AT&T, NTT Nod
Carol Wilson  
11/4/2014   4 comments
SDN pioneers are among the early backers of a new open source operating system that is promising a new strategy for making the transition to virtualization
Poll: The NFV/Open Source Group Bandwagon
Elizabeth Miller Coyne  
11/19/2014   4 comments
The proliferation of NFV standards and open source groups has created confusion and conflict within the industry.
Food for Thought
Elizabeth Miller Coyne  
11/25/2014   4 comments
Powerhouse teams; the Internet; building connections with customers and staff; privacy; engineers; medical monitoring advances; the Internet of Things (IoT). These are just a few of the things The New IP community of contributors and interviewees at AT&T, NTT, Open Daylight, Orange Business Services, Tata Communications, the TM Forum and more are thankful for as we approach the US holiday of Thanksgiving.
Getting Analytical About NFV
Elizabeth Miller Coyne  
11/17/2014   3 comments
Heavy Reading analyst Ari Banerjee reveals research on the importance of analytics and NFV.

NFV Orchestration, Infrastructure and VNF
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Andrew Dugan, acting Chief Technology Officer at Level 3, discusses the service provider's SDN success and plans for NFV.
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Dave Ward, Cisco's CTO of Engineering and Chief Architect, outlines his vision for the future of virtualization.
AT&T's Doug Nassaur discusses interoperability and virtualization during BCE 2016 in Austin.
Lynn Comp, senior director of market development for the Network Platforms Group for Intel, outlines her vision for the future of virtualization.
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