Most Commented Content posted in April 2015
New IP Impacts Router/Switch Market
Elizabeth Miller Coyne  
4/21/2015   30 comments
The service provider router and switch market for 2014 was "flat" over 2013, and is showing signs of hesitation in spending due to the uncertainty around SDN and NFV.
Vodafone Reveals Trends Impacting Businesses
Elizabeth Miller Coyne  
4/22/2015   30 comments
Vodafone reveals how they help their enterprise customers face today's market challenges, from cyber security, to IT, to talent, to global crisis and more.
Buying & Selling in the New IP: What's Different?
Elizabeth Miller Coyne  
4/20/2015   26 comments
In the New IP, the communications vendor landscape is changing – and fast – as software-defined networking shifts the traditional buying models used by many service providers.
Merger Talk & the New IP
Elizabeth Miller Coyne  
4/15/2015   22 comments
With Nokia announcing its bid for Alcatel-Lucent, long talked of predictions of New IP-related industry transformation and consolidation suddenly became very real.
The New IP Cheat Sheet
Elizabeth Miller Coyne  
4/2/2015   17 comments
Understanding what the New IP is and isn't is a tricky business, especially when the industry is changing so quickly. The New IP pulled together a quick cheat sheet. It's the New IP "101" just for you.
Enterprises Demand Consumer-Like Services
Elizabeth Miller Coyne  
4/30/2015   12 comments
When it comes to ease of use of digital services in the New IP world, enterprise customers are demanding consumer-like access to services. But according to new research, service providers aren't getting the message.
Telco Open Source & the 13 Clocks
Tom Nolle  
4/9/2015   11 comments
Projects like Open Platform for NFV (OPNFV) are seen by many of the telcos and other network operators as the only defense against a bunch of NFV-software silos. But is that view realistic?
Vive la Différence! Verizon's SDN Plans
Carol Wilson  
4/29/2015   10 comments
Major carrier pronouncements about software-defined networking aren't quite the surprise they were a couple of years ago, but Verizon's announcement this week of its SDN strategy is still noteworthy for the New IP community.
The New IP Under the Sea
Joe Stanganelli  
4/1/2015   10 comments
A fast deep-sea network, or underwater version of the Internet of Things (IoT) that is equally compatible with surface IoT, has broad industry implications, including enhanced networking communication on and below bodies of water with cutting-edge networking technologies.
Why 5G Matters – Now!
Gabriel Brown  
4/9/2015   8 comments
5G is a technology to take mobile service providers beyond communication, into new modes of business, and now is the time to get with the program.
The Pop of the Unikernel: The Efficiency Advantage
Joe Stanganelli  
4/9/2015   4 comments
With service providers ever on the lookout for better New IP technologies, the evolution of hypervisor-based solutions has attracted significant attention. One hypervisor-based option that is gaining traction is the unikernel.
Flowing With the New IP
Bill Beckett  
4/10/2015   4 comments
Flows are key to the New IP, however, in the past, few devices have been flow-aware -- some firewalls, load balancers and devices responsible for terminating or translating flows.
Shaping the Future of the New IP
Chris Grundemann  
4/27/2015   3 comments
The IETF is the principal body engaged in the development of new Internet standard specifications. It's the place where most of the technologies that support the New IP have been, or will be, standardized.
Predictive Analytics & the Virtualized World
Ari Banerjee  
4/14/2015   3 comments
In the world of SDN and NFV, balancing customer experience with resource optimization will be crucial as operators focus on providing a consistent, unified user experience across multiple devices, networks and customer touch points.
New IP: From PoC to Revenue
Elizabeth Miller Coyne  
4/16/2015   2 comments
The move to next-generation IP, a.k.a. New IP, networks for service providers is not just about the technology. It's also about making and saving money by taking advantage of the virtualization.
The Pop of the Unikernel: The Security Advantage
Joe Stanganelli  
4/15/2015   1 comment
A unikernel is a miniature VM unto itself, with its own streamlined operating system. Alongside efficiency advantages, unikernals can also improve application security, ideal for service providers in the New IP world.

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