Content posted in October 2014
A Killer App
Joe Stanganelli  
10/31/2014   16 comments
Europol's European Cybercrime Center (EC3) Division cites cyber security firm IID's research in expectation of a rise in the number of malicious, network-caused deaths and injuries.
Mind the NFV/SDN Gap
Leo Zancani  
10/30/2014   7 comments
Network virtualization is rapidly developing into the biggest fundamental change in service provider networking and network management since IP and convergence hit the industry in the 90s. The systems and organizational changes that went with IP were fraught with problems – can the industry do better this time around?
What's Your IP Evolution Plan?
Gary Knee  
10/28/2014   24 comments
Today’s rural networks contain a blend of legacy equipment alongside softswitches, high-capacity optical rings complex routers and gateways. With such a blend, planning the evolution of the network in a cost effective manner that meets the growing expectations of customers has become a significant challenge.
OCS & NFV: A Starting Point
Ari Banerjee  
10/27/2014   1 comment
Virtualization of the online charging systems (OCS) function is a good starting point for operators that want to gain experience with virtualization before tackling larger, more complex network functions virtualization (NFV) projects.
Show Me The Good Wife!
Carol Wilson  
10/23/2014   13 comments
The video entertainment industry suddenly sees value in OTT but the real value is a personalized cloud content service over an on-demand network.
Poll: NFV Bang for the Buck
Elizabeth Miller Coyne  
10/21/2014   8 comments
Network functions virtualization (NFV) is set to revolutionize many aspects of the communications industry, but where will service providers see the biggest bang for their buck?
Ari Banerjee  
10/21/2014   2 comments
The value of SDN/NFV lies in standardizing and making network infrastructure programmable, while enabling value-added services to be introduced quickly and efficiently. However, operators cannot make any money without a robust BSS infrastructure.
Open Source: The De Facto Standard
Neela Jacques  
10/17/2014   5 comments
Neela Jacques, executive director for OpenDaylight, writes on how a communications industry that has been historically slow to change is embracing open source as the de facto way to achieve innovation and interoperability for SDN and network functions virtualization (NFV).
Pass the Policy, Please
Elizabeth Miller Coyne  
10/17/2014   9 comments
Ken Dilbeck, VP Collaboration R&D, TM Forum talks about the importance of policy management when it comes to profiting from network functions virtualization (NFV).
Verizon: IoT Power Is in the Partner
Elizabeth Miller Coyne  
10/14/2014   8 comments
Verizon's partnership with General Electric to allow GE's software-enabled machines and devices to connect to Verizon's machine-to-machine connectivity and cloud platforms to power the industrial Internet is a step into a new realm of services and new players.
NFV Policy Wake-up Call
Ken Dilbeck  
10/13/2014   5 comments
Policy management is a common thread in the key building blocks of NFV but its current low-profile status could create complications and difficulties if standards organizations do not join together and make it a priority.
XO Talks Security
Elizabeth Miller Coyne  
10/13/2014   5 comments
XO Communications discusses some of the most pressing issues around NFV, SDN and security as it relates to open platforms and open source.
Making the Business Case for SDN
Tom Nolle  
10/10/2014   16 comments
Enterprises can easily make a business case for SDN if they go about it in a systematic way, based on just what value models exist for SDN.
Windstream Maxes Portal's Time-to-Market
Carol Wilson  
10/10/2014   5 comments
Dedicating IT team toward carrier solutions group helps bring customer portal to market in less than 10 months.
Infinite Data & the Systems Age
Joe Stanganelli  
10/9/2014   11 comments
Data pieces themselves are no longer important. What is important is access to data, networks and interconnectivity.
IoT & Business Model Evolution
Elizabeth Miller Coyne  
10/9/2014   8 comments
As NFV lets networks become more flexible and adapt for IoT, business models will continually evolve.
AT&T: Orchestrate What You've Got
Carol Wilson  
10/9/2014   6 comments
Telecom giant delivers on-demand services with SDN, NFV and Open APIs but its internal orchestration layer also interfaces with existing OSS/BSS offerings.
Poll: Education Needed for Securing NFV
Elizabeth Miller Coyne  
10/8/2014   1 comment
According to the latest poll results on The New IP, education is needed to understand complexities of securing virtualized network functions.
CenturyLink's Open API Ambitions
Carol Wilson  
10/7/2014   6 comments
The telecom network operator brought 11 vendors to the table to hammer out open APIs for Ethernet services, and the whole industry is benefiting.
Does Talking About Security Make You Nervous?
Carol Wilson  
10/3/2014   28 comments
The New IP is going to require a new approach to security and the time to talk about that is now.
Data Centers: To Host or Not to Host
Mitch Wagner  
10/3/2014   3 comments
Carriers that don't do it risk going out of business.
Telco & Cloud M&A in High Gear
Elizabeth Miller Coyne  
10/2/2014   5 comments
Mergers and acquisitions in the telco and cloud space are heating up, as the potential profits from virtualized, cloud-based services and demand for technical know-how take hold.
Partnering in The New IP Fashion
Carol Wilson  
10/2/2014   5 comments
Everyone is hooking up with Amazon Web Services these days, but AT&T may be doing it in the way that makes the most sense.
Orange Brings Service Flexibility to Internet Access
Carol Wilson  
10/1/2014   11 comments
By offering its core MPLS-VPN customers an easier way to add secure Internet access, the carrier expects to boost revenues and satisfaction.

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