Content posted in February 2015
Making Security Fundamental
Carol Wilson  
2/27/2015   29 comments
In the New IP realm, security becomes everyone's job and must be baked into each new technology and service from the outset.
The FTC & Regulating IoT
Joe Stanganelli  
2/26/2015   30 comments
The US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) snagged the attention of tech news headlines last month when it released a staff report on the agency's thoughts and recommendations regarding the future of the Internet of Things.
Cyber Security: We're Doing It Wrong
Elizabeth Miller Coyne  
2/26/2015   17 comments
It turns out that today's approach to cyber security is profoundly wrong, but the good news is that it's not your fault. Instead, it's the fault of an old IP-type of mindset of protecting devices through design and layering on more protection.
The Shifting Sands of Network Element Management
Anita Karvé  
2/25/2015   6 comments
The transition to a new way of designing and deploying IP networks is no easy task, but service providers around the world are taking the plunge in order to reap the many benefits of a virtualized infrastructure.
Verizon's IoT State of the Market
Elizabeth Miller Coyne  
2/25/2015   21 comments
Enabling the Internet of Things is big part of the New IP. Service providers must build their networks today with the agility, scalability and flexibility to handle the IoT traffic of tomorrow.
Is OpenConfig a New IP Model?
Carol Wilson  
2/24/2015   10 comments
Operator-driven, Google-initiated effort is producing results rapidly that will help networks move more quickly to the New IP.
Burning Question: What Is the New IP?
Elizabeth Miller Coyne  
2/23/2015   7 comments
The New IP is not about technology. It's about delivering what customers crave -- simplicity, visibility and control.
Poll: Groceries Trump Smart Cars
Elizabeth Miller Coyne  
2/16/2015   17 comments
The New IP readers are a practical bunch when it comes to connected cars. In fact, 41% said they were wishful adopters of the technology and would love to know what their check engine light means, but paying for groceries is a higher priority.
Telecom in 2020: The New IP Impact
Elizabeth Miller Coyne  
2/12/2015   12 comments
A new survey by Light Reading gives glimpse into an industry on the verge of change, and provides insight on impact to technology, revenue, business models and the communications ecosystem.
The New IP Goes Platinum
Elizabeth Miller Coyne  
2/11/2015   13 comments
The New IP community site, now nearly five months old, has won a Platinum Award in the 2015 AVA Digital Awards in the Web-Based Production, Business to Business Category.
Shaping the New IP
Tom Nolle  
2/10/2015   20 comments
Internet; virtualizing everything; creating new services in minutes instead of months; substituting agile software and vast pools of server resources for traditional network hardware. But what does this New IP network look like and how can it benefit service providers?
The Path to Programmable Networks
Robert Conger  
2/9/2015   4 comments
In order for service providers to successfully make the transition to the New IP, they must first deal with the huge challenge of creating fully programmable networks that successfully integrate a diverse mix of networking devices under one seamless management system.
Grabbing the IoT Opp
Anita Karvé  
2/6/2015   9 comments
We've all heard of SaaS, IaaS and PaaS. Now with the influx of connected devices and the data they will generate, it makes sense for service providers to start looking at the potential of IOTaaS.
The Hybrid Headache
Leo Zancani  
2/6/2015   5 comments
Hybrid services that span NFV and classical networking domains are either the wave of the future, or too complex, depending on who you talk to. And now, new evidence suggests that neither a hybrid nor an 'NFV isolationist' view describes what's happening in the real world.
Virtual Machines, Real Complexity
Kevin Mitchell  
2/5/2015   13 comments
Today's VoIP networks are decomposed and disaggregated compared to legacy voice networks. What was once a box is now several software functions and what was once single vendor is now a multitude.
Frivolous Devices Dim IoT Vision & Promise
Joe Stanganelli  
2/2/2015   10 comments
Service providers are desperately working to power their networks to handle the Internet of Things (IoT) future but device manufacturers and frivolous IoT novelty services may be damaging their efforts by distracting from more significant issues like latency and security.

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