Content posted in September 2014
Poll: The Networks They Are A-Changin’
Elizabeth Miller Coyne  
9/30/2014   7 comments
According to The New IP's latest poll results, 43% of respondents say the New IP will impact networks the most.
Accelerating NFV: Open Source vs. Open Process
Carol Wilson  
9/30/2014   10 comments
The new OPNFV project is bringing open source to the NFV world, which stands to accelerate the commercial arrival of this critical technology.
Why Helium Is a Crucial Step for SDN
Carol Wilson  
9/29/2014   13 comments
The latest release from OpenDaylight doesn't just push the process and software code for a controller forward, it shows how the process works.
Cloud & Telecom: Merging Like a Zipper
Elizabeth Miller Coyne  
9/26/2014   28 comments
The New IP Breeds a New Brand of Data Center
Carol Wilson  
9/25/2014   19 comments
Cologix is a carrier-neutral data center company with facilities in colocation and interconnection points, riding the Tier 2 traffic boom.
NTT Revs Up Honda Supply Chain
Carol Wilson  
9/24/2014   29 comments
Using the SDN-based network that connects its global cloud data centers, NTT shows Honda how to dramatically improve its supplier network performance.
The Vulnerabilities of an NFV Environment
Patrick Donegan  
9/24/2014   6 comments
An Expert Group within ETSI is addressing security issues with NFV to provide guidance via a new security reference framework.
Poll: The New IP Is About the Money
Elizabeth Miller Coyne  
9/23/2014   26 comments
A recent poll of readers on The New IP shows 33.33% say the shift to virtualized networks and operations is "all about the money."
The Means to an End-to-End
Carol Wilson  
9/22/2014   16 comments
Multiple efforts take on the challenge of end-to-end service orchestration and interoperability.
Where There Is Change & Chaos, There's Opportunity
Elizabeth Miller Coyne  
9/19/2014   15 comments
Serious competition from OTTs is putting serious pressure on traditional service providers to embrace something they are not used to: openness.
The Beginning of a 20-Year Journey
Elizabeth Miller Coyne  
9/18/2014   12 comments
Change within telecom is moving at an ever-faster pace, but The New IP will still require a lengthy process of incubation.
If It Ain't Automated, You're Doing It Wrong
Carol Wilson  
9/18/2014   11 comments
Moving to software control of network resources is half the battle, but automating the processes of delivering services on demand is also essential.
Welcome to The New IP
Elizabeth Miller Coyne  
9/16/2014   9 comments
Welcome to a new and unique site devoted to what the network is becoming – we're open to your voice and your ideas.
The iWatch, SDN, and NFV
Tom Nolle  
9/15/2014   36 comments
How do you retain a trivial interface while creating a very useful service? It's all about context.
Agility Key to NFV Business Case
Caroline Chappell  
9/15/2014   1 comment
NFV can produce capex and opex savings but it does so in very different ways from what the IT world has seen with cloud adoption
NFV Culture Shock: Minds Over Matter
Rosalyn Roseboro  
9/15/2014   3 comments
Some of the biggest obstacles to The New IP networks are related to organizations and people, not technology
NFV: About Time
Ray Le Maistre  
9/15/2014   7 comments
The birth of network functions virtualization (NFV) has introduced chaos into the telecom household and torn up the traditional technology calendar.

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